In the life of sadie

Sadie Williams was your typical all English girl. She lived with her parents in a little town just outside of London , went to a mixed secondary school and excelled in everything she tried.

one bight Saturday morning as she returned from her 6 am jog she noticed that the her fathers car was not in the drive way, but a different darkish coloured car was, she sprinted into the house and shouted for her mother and father. “Mom, dad where are you?” she shouted, “I’m upstairs hunny” her mother shouted the noise coming from her bedroom not her mothers, up the stairs she sprinted and found all of he clothes in piles on the floor and her mother looking slightly worse for wear. “What’s the matter mom?” as her mother burst out into tears and starting to sob in to her nightie. “Your father has been having an affair and he’s packed all of his things and gone off to live with his whore!” “Oh god mom I’m so sorry” she said and she started to hug her mother as she sobed and sniffled. Sadie looking round her room rather confused and said “mom why have you been packing my things?” She wiped her eyes and said i'm sending you off to boarding school because I need to sort my head out and I think you will benefit from the change of scenery.” So off she went along with her older Michael onto the train station from the world she knew so well to the very unfamiliar. Three hours later the train pulled up in the station, Sadie and Michael stepped off and into the car which was waiting for them just outside. A further twenty minutes and they pulled up outside the most beautiful building either of them had ever seen, a beautifully built white brick building with ivy crawling across the surface. In front of the door stood a very stern looking woman, they stepped out of the car and walked towards her each carrying a small bag and a suitcase. “Hello there I’m Mrs Richardson; I’m the headmistress of St James’s boarding school, you must be Sadie and Michael, I’m very pleased to meet you” They both said their hello’s and Mrs. Richardson showed them to their rooms, Sadie was on the other side of the building to Michael which she felt slightly disappointed because they had always been so close and she never really been away from home and from her sibling. Sadie’s room mates all seemed pleasant enough; there was Kathy and Samantha or Sam for short “Now girls I want you to take care of Sadie as this is her first time away from home and I’ll bet everything seems quite new and scary to her” “Yes Mrs. Richardson” they all chorused! Once the sound of her footsteps had died down and all of the curtains had been drawn they finally all sat down to get to know the new girl. “So” sam, started the conversation off with the usual crap people come out with when they start to get to know you , like where you’re from, how old are you, why did your parents send you to private school ect. After an hour of talking the girls managed to get onto the subject of boys, as all sixteen year olds do it somehow got onto the topic of how far you had gone with a boy, i.e. had you sucked his cock had he fingered you ect. When it came round for Sadie to spill the beans she just went red and muttered about never even having a and still being a virgin. “Aw come on don’t tell me a pretty girl like you has never even munched on a cock?” exclaimed Sam. “Nope never” replied Sadie. Kathy and Sam gave each other knowing glances and giggled, “Well Sadie we are going to teach you the art of how to suck a cock and how to pleasure a man.” She said as Sam pulled out a bright pink dildo and handed it to Sadie, now do exactly as we tell you to and you’ll never get a disappointed man, slowly but surely Sadie got the hang of the technique. Later that night as Sadie fell into an uneasy sleep she heard giggling and moaning coming from the other side of the bedroom and she looked across and surely enough there was Kathy and Sam lying on Kathy’s bed, touching and kissing. From the angle she was lying at she could see Sam’s arse in the air as Kathy gently pulled on Sam’s nipples and as they gently French kissed under the light of the moon. Sadie turned over in bed just a fraction so that she could get a better view then all of a sudden Sam turned round and placed her naked pussy directly over Kathy’s face and placed her face over Kathy’s pussy, Sam started to kiss the beautifully shaven slit of Kathy and let her open up naturally to her willing tongue, a slight moan came from Kathy’s lips and Sam’s tongue gently probed her cunt licking all of her juices up. A moan escaped from Sam’s lips Kathy plunged her tongue directly into Sam’s pussy hole gently rubing Sam’s clit while fucking her with her tongue. Sadie could feel the juices starting to run between her legs and she slowly reached down into her PJ bottoms and she touched her clit and it was on fire, “GOD I’m so fucking horny watching this” she thought to herself then sam spotted that she was awake and nearly fell off of the bed “shit shit shit” he heard sam mutter as she jumped back into bed and turned away from her.

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