Chapters of Cheat

One bold woman...A free life....What do you expect?


"Dear Diary,

Today it begins.



The entry was as simple as that. 6 shots of Amarula, Bruised bones, Catfights, and a day later, Vienna was almost smearing war paint on her face.

Her new air of confidence and new lease to life made it easy for her to lead this madness she had caught.

She picked up her phone and dialled a number.

The phone rang twice before an unfamiliar voice answered it. "I thought you blacklisted me?", he said

"It's time for some sex, come over NOW, and cover your face Mystery man. I want this to be as mysterious as possible. I want to keep guessing who you are" Vienna said.

Mystery man's surprise was evident even though he said nothing.

"I'll explain some other time. Right now, I need your body, and I'm giving you mine", she reassured, and disconnected the call.

Bath time she thought and quickly took off her clothes. As she was stepping ino the bath, a thought crossed her mind. She ran back out into her room, her <<<breasts juggling as she did, before she picked up the phone and typed out a text

"I'm having sex with Mystery man in 10 minutes. Have lots to talk to you about. will call you tonight"

She sent the text and rushed to the bathroom

Ten minutes to sex with a complete stranger...who is also my secret admirer.... maybe I shouldn't bother getting changed and dressed, he'll like me anyway....."

As she shut the bathroom door, the phone lying on the bed lit up.

"Message delivered to Sandra"

friendfinderadult sex

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