Fantasy Vacation Chapter 24 Final

Chapter XXIV

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Terri and Mike both dressed and went next door to see if Carol and Don wanted to join them for brunch at the local tavern in town. When they boarded the pontoon and knocked on the door there was no answer.

“We’ll I guess it’s just the two of us, honey,” Mike said to his lovely wife as they left the pontoon and walked up the boat dock to their van.

“I wonder they are this morning?” Terri said walking hand and hand with her husband.

When they arrived at the parking lot they noticed that Don’ s car was missing. “Maybe they went to town to do some shopping?” Terri said getting inside the van. “Maybe we’ll run into them in town and we can get a bit of lunch together and see what’s on the schedule for today.”

“I don’t know about you but we will have to do some packing since we have to leave tomorrow for home.” Mike said turning onto the main road towards town.

“Yeah, I know, honey. I sure wish we had more time to spend here. I’ve really enjoyed our time here together and with our new friends not to mention all the new and wild sex. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought we would have gotten ourselves involved in swigging. Terri said with a smile on her pretty face.

“I know what you mean. My dick is almost raw with all the fucking we’ve done this week but I’m not complaining,” Mike went on. “It was fun and exciting to watch you with both Don and Ed too. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought you of all people would have fucked a complete stranger let alone a black cock.”

“I know. I would have never imaged me doing it myself,” Terri replied. “But I’m sure glad that I did.”

“Me too.” Mike said as he drove into the out skirts of town. “Do you want to look for Carol and Don before we go eat?

“Yeah. Let’s try the over at the mini mall first and if we don’t find them there we can eat and then head back to the boat and start packing things up. Terri said.

“Sound good to me,” Mike said heading towards the mall.

As they went down Main Street they passed the motel where Ed and his family were staying. Terri looked over at the parking lot and spotted Don’ s car. Wondering what they are doing. She tapped Mike on the arm. “There’s Don’ s car over there in the motel parking lot next to Ed’ s, honey.”

Mike turned into the gas station and made a huey and headed back to the motel. As he pulled up next to Don’ s car the motel door opened and out came Lori carrying an ice bucket. Mike blew the horn and waved at her. Lori stopped in her tracks and looked to see who it was that blew the horn. When she saw Mike waving she walked over to the van just as Terri opened the door and got out to meet her.

“Hi Terri, what are you two doing here,” she asked as Mike joined them.

“We were heading into town to look for Don and Carol when I spotted their car in the parking lot so I figured they were here?” Mike said, as he looked Lori over. She was one sexy black lady and he sure liked fucking her. He was hoping that he could have another go around with her before they left for home.

“Yes there inside with Ed and Janice. Go on in and make yourselves at home while I go and get some ice.” Lori said to them as she turned to walk away.

Terri started walking toward the door but Mike just stood there watch Lori’s sweet ass as she walked away.

“Come on big boy,” Terri said as she looked back at her husband.

Mike turned and caught up with Terri as she approached the motel room door. Not knowing whether to knock or not she thought for a split second then decided to just go on in. As she opened the door she was greeted with a sight that she had not expected. There on one of the king size beds was Carol, sitting on Ed’ s cock riding him hard and fast while Ed squeezed and fondled her tits. Her eyes then caught sight of the other bed where Don was between Janice’s legs pumping his huge cock in and out of her pussy with slow and loving strokes.

The sudden light coming into room caught the groups’ attention as Mike and Terri entered the room and closed the door. Ed looked over and greeted them not missing a stroke as he pushed up into Carol warm cunt again and again.

“Good morning folks?” Ed said. “Want to join the party?”

Looking at one another Mike and Terri smiled and started to remove their clothes. Mike was the first to get naked and walked over to join Janice and Don who had not stopped there fucking. Mike climbed up on the bed at Janice’s face and was stroking his now hard cock when Janice reached out and pushed his hand away and pulled him closer the engulfed his manhood. Mike let out a soft moan and began pumping his cock into her mouth as she and Don continued fucking.

In the meantime Terri had joined Carol and Ed on the other bed and lowered her hot, wet pussy to Ed’ s lips. Ed wasted no time at all running his tongue up and down Terri slit tasting her sweet juices. With Carol and Terri facing each other the two women looked at one another then braced and pressed their lips together in a hot and torrid kiss.

The two threesomes were going at it hot and heavy when once again the door opened and in walked Lori accompanied by two older men and an older lady.

“Look who’s here,” Lori said as she put the ice bucket down on the nearby table. When Terri and Carol saw the strangers they quickly jumped up and grabed for anything they could get a hold of to cover themselves not knowing who these folks were and left Ed laying there on the bed with a huge hard on and a face wet with Terri’s juices. Mike and Don done the just plane froze and eye balled the intruders not bothering to cover up.

“Mom, Dad, Uncle Darnell I want you to meet some new friends of ours. Over there on that bed with your son-in-law, is Carol and Terri. Carol is Don’ s girlfriend and Terri is married to Mike.”

Carol and Terri said hello as Lori continued on. “On the other bed with his cock inside your daughter is Don, that’s Carol’s boyfriend and the guy with his cock in her mouth is Mike, Terri’s husband. Folks, I want all you to meet our Mother, Debra our step-dad, Barry and his brother, Darnell.”

Mike and Don said hello to Janice’s and Lori’s folks without moving away from Janice who was so engrossed in sucking Mike cock and riding up and down on Don dick didn’t even look up. Terri and Carol remained next to the bed watching as the girls mom began removing her clothes as she walked closer to the bed her son-in-law was laying on.

Now almost naked except for her red high heel sandals on her feet and her black thong panties she walked past Carol and Terri and without taking her eyes off Ed’ s cock she said to the girls. “If you ladies will excuse me it’s been sometime since I’ve had my son-in-laws big hard cock inside me.” With that she removed her thong revealing a think black bush of female hair that covered her cunt and proceeded to climb upon the bed and mount Ed’ s cock.

Once she was seated on Ed’ s tool she began to bounce up and down and grinding her pussy down hard on the black shaft inside pussy. Ed began pumping back up at her while his hands squeezed Debra’s 36DD tits causing her to moan loudly and ride her son-in-law harder.

Watching all this, Terri and Carol hadn’t noticed that Uncle Darnell and Barry had removed their clothing also and were both foundling Lori as she watch her mother ride her brother-in-laws huge cock. Both girls noticed Barry’s large cock as he moved behind Lori and told her to bend over. When she was in position Barry placed his huge black cock up against her swollen pussy lips and with a shove buried his cock deep inside his stepdaughter until the hairs surrounding his cock were firmly against her smooth ass checks. After a few seconds he began moving in and out of Lori causing her to have one orgasm after another. In the meantime Uncle Darnell who was now stroking his large black cock looked over at Carol and Terri and asked if anyone of them was interested in helping an old man out.

Before Carol could say or move, Terri walked over to him, fell to her knees and engulfed as much of his manhood as she could. She enjoyed giving head and this one was an old one that had really been around. Uncle Darnell was 59 years old, 5’ 7”, and around 185 pounds with an 8” cock. For a man of his age he sure knew what to do. After a few minutes of cock sucking he lifted Terri up and had her turn around and bend over the bed where Debra was riding Ed’ s cock and told her to spread her leg. Then he slowly placed the head of his cock to her pussy and pushed the swollen head inside. Terri moaned with pleasure as she began moving back and forth on the new piece of man meat inside her enjoying the feeling she was receiving. Suddenly Darnell stopped and withdrew his wet cock from her cunt and placed the head against her anal opening and with a gentle shove the head popped inside Terri’s poop shoot. When the pain stopped and the pleasure began Darnell slowly began working his cock deeper inside her ass as she moved around trying to get more of it inside her. AT the same time he was playing with her tits, pinching the taunt nipples causing her to moan and climax again and again.

Janice, Don, and Mike were the first to break apart and she was now laying between the two white men exhausted. Looking over at her mother she cheered her on as she watched her ride her husband’s cock.

“Give it to her Ed! Fuck her pussy good!” Janice yelled urging them on.

“Yeh baby fuck mamma’s pussy. Give me that hot cum you’ve got inside those big black balls!” Debra cried out as her orgasm hit. Then feeling Ed’ s swollen balls pressed up against her smooth black ass she raised up and felt the first of many hot, thick spurts of cum filling her old tight pussy.

When everyone had finished and rested they all gathered around on the beds and got better aquatinted. Janice told her folks how they all met and what they had been up to since they got here. It was getting close to dinnertime and everyone was getting hungry when Don suggested they all get dressed and go out to eat. Then after dinner they could all head back for his boat and sit around and talk some more.

“I don’t know about just sitting around and talking,” Debra said looking over at Mike and Don. “I’d sure like to fuck those two cocks you boys have there?”

“MOTHER!” Lori shouted out. “You should be ashamed of yourself talking like that with your husband standing right here.”

“That’s OK honey,” Barry spoke up. “I don’t mind as long as Darnell and I get to sample some of that white pussy if the ladies don’t mind?”

“Not at all,” Carol replied as she walked over to Barry and kissed him on the lips.

“Well then it’s settled then,” Don replied as they all prepared to leave for dinner.

On the way to dinner Terri and Mike talked about what had just taken place. Lori had fucked her step dad and Ed fucked his mother-in-law. This was something new and strange but they agreed it sure was exciting. After dinner the gang returned to the dock and boarded to houseboat. Carol and Terri went inside and prepared drinks for everyone and when they returned everyone was sitting around naked chatting and laughing. Passing out the refreshments both ladies stripped and joined the group for what turned out to be a very interesting story of how Ed and his wife and family got into swinging. When the story was finished there wasn’t a soft dick on the boat or a dry pussy. The guys were slowly stroking themselves when Debra stood up and walked over to Don and removed his hand from his swollen meat then went to her knees and took his cock into her mouth and began giving him the best blowjob he’d ever had. Before long the whole group were exchanging body fluids. The girls were sucking cock and the guys eating pussy. The night turned into a wild orgy that lasted until dawn. As the sun began to rise everyone said there farewells and departed the houseboat. Mike and Terri crossed over to their boat and not bothering to dress fell into bed and straight to sleep.

Suddenly Mike felt someone shaking him awake. Opening his eyes he was surprised to hear his wife’s voice telling him to get up and get dressed so they could load the van and leave for vacation.

“Oh my God he said to himself, I must have been dreaming?”

The End

I want to thank all the readers who read my story and posted comments. This was my first attempt to write a story and it was five years in the making. As of to date I have another story in the making and hope to have it done soon. Again thanks to you all.

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