Giving in to an overwhelming case of sexual attraction

I’m passing by your office

I see you’re working late

I call to say hi from the street below

you ask me if I’ll wait

in a moment you are at the door

you smile and say hello

a fleeting thought hints I should leave

but your eyes won't let me go

I'm looking at forbidden fruit

drawn in by what I see

attracted to every inch of you

you unlock the door and reach for me

you slip your arms around my waist

I'm surprised how hard they feel

you pull my body into yours

the sensation is surreal

your steady gaze entices me

your hungry mouth finds mine

you press yourself against me hard

your urgency’s sublime

this closeness makes me dizzy

I'm weak I start to fall

you catch me fast and hold me up

you put my back against the wall

I can feel your bold excitement

my body tingles as you move

I drop to my knees and discover

you are hard and tight and smooth

ardently I devour you

I savor silky skin

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you start to clench and I pull back

I move to your lips again

you lift me up and lay me down

all barriers hit the floor

with one smooth slow move you fill me

I cannot handle more

we slowly start moving together

soon we are desperately intense

passion raw and intoxicating

our desire is immense

we grind into each other

as we push it to the end

the world explodes, and we float down

too much to comprehend

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