First Love

The cold air stung my lungs at I glanced over at Matt. It was so cold his breath was frosty in the air. He looked at me and quickly glanced away. I was extremely drunk. I had just broken up with my long-term boyfriend earlier in the week, the boy who had taken my virginity. I had vowed to get completely smashed this weekend. Now here I was, being escorted home by a freshman 'cause my friends didn't want me walking home alone. I had been crying, so drunk at the party, I had insisted on going home NOW and so they grabed Matt and told him to walk me home because everybody else was either too drunk to drive or busy getting on somebody.

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My heart raced when our eyes had briefly met. I knew this boy had a crush on me, and it drove me wild. I had wanted to say, "Awwh" all year, whenever he had come up with a lame excuse to talk to me, to stand by me, whenever it seemed he had gathered the courage to utter a word to me. It made my stomach flutter when he stammered mid-sentence as he tried desperately to find something to say next.

I rber the time his buddies grabed me at lunch, yelling, "Hey Matt, it's your girl! It's your girl!" What could I do but look away, pretending I didn't hear as he told them to shut up, red faced. I felt bad for him, the way his buddies teased him. From what I had seen he didn't stand up to them enough. Well, maybe he was rather immature, even for a freshman. But right then I was so drunk, I nearly tripped over the curb as I stepped over it. I wanted to say something to him, but the silence was deafening. I started crying again, saying how I hated my ex-boyfriend and how my life sucked.

"Oh, come on," Matt said. "Maybe you're better off without him."

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah. Yeah, you deserve better."

"Thanks. You're so nice Matt!" I exclaimed, fawning (my usual

drunk line: "You're so nice!").

His blue eyes, framed by long lashes, studied my face as we walked in the moonlight. I knew he knew I was drunk. I wondered what he was thinking, if he had had some great plan all along to get me into bed that he never quite got a chance at, considering I had always had a boyfriend since he had known me. Maybe some plan that he was always altering here and there, while he never gave up. I wondered if he was thinking it was now his big chance.

I leaned on him suddenly, wrapping my arms around him while I sobed into his shoulder, "Matt, you're so nice..."

He awkwardly put his arm around me, whispering, "Don't cry," to me as we tried to continue walking while I was nearly backward, my arms still around him as I clung to him desperately. I continued crying until we reached my house.

He stood awkwardly on my doorstep as I tried to unlock the door and undo the security system at the same time. I'm sure he didn't know what to do, if he should listen to his common sense that was telling him I would laugh at him hysterically and tell him to get lost if he asked to come in, or whether to go with his primal urges and stay around. I wondered if he could ignore the bulge I had felt in his pants as I had clung to him, my seventeen year-old body pressing against his. I wondered if I could ignore it.

The door swung open, into the pitch black house. "Come in with me," I pleaded, grabing his hands as my eyes tried to focus. "I'm scared--it's all dark," my voice croaked. "Okay," he whispered, staring at my hand as I grabed his clumsily and pulled him in. The door closed behind us and we were emerged in darkness.

I pulled him toward my bedroom. I could hear his rapid breathing over the soft sounds of his tennis shoes on the hall carpet. Thank God, my parents were out of town that weekend.

"See if anybody's in there," I ordered, pushing him into my room as I hung back in the hallway, still crying.

"I'm sure there's nobody in..." he started to protest.

"Just do it," I whined.

He reached in and turned on my light. No one in there.

He glanced around my room, taking in everything instantly: from

the box on my floor filled with picture frames and miscellaneous junk left over from my relationship with Ryan, to my stuffed animals on the shelf, and finally to my double bed with the soft pillows and down comforter. His eyes stopped dead at the bed, and he swallowed. I wondered if he'd fantasized about my bed before, me sleeping in it, himself being in it, maybe about making love to me under its covers.

I walked past him into the room and switched on the bed side lamp.

I sat on the bed and put my head in my hands. God, I was drunk.

I don't know how long I sat like that as Matt stared at me, but

finally I heard his low voice stammer,

"Um, um, do you want me to leave?"

My eyes refused to focus as I looked at him standing in the


"Wait, come here..." I said to him. He walked over to me slowly, swallowing. He sat on the bed next to me. He was so nervous. He rubed his palms on his thighs--was he sweating? He was such a quiet guy; I wondered what he was thinking...

"Are you gonna go back to Dana's?" (Dana was my best friend whose house the party at been at; Matt was friends with her little brother Mike, which was how he got to a senior party in the first place). "I dunno," he said. "Mike was getting with some girl earlier and I'm not sure he wants me to still spend the night. I might just go home, it's not that far." "But it's so cold!" I exclaimed, looking at him like he was the bravest guy in the world.

"Oh," he said shyly, smiling down at his hands, which were in his lap, conveniently hiding the bulge from me. I stood up suddenly, and he immediately stood up too. I walked around to the end of my bed, where I paused, not rbering what I was looking for or where I had been going. He followed me and stood closely next to me as I began laughing drunkenly, incoherently exclaiming about how funny it was that I didn't know what I had been going to get.

He smiled at me, still studying my face with his huge blue eyes. I grabed his jacket and laughed hysterically into his shoulder. I put my arms around him and snuggled close to him. It felt so good to be held. I could feel his heart pounding.

My arms still around him, I drew back and smiled at him. My smile faded, and his eyes grew panicky as I just looked at him. I rose up on my tip toes and kissed him gently on the mouth. He sucked in air rapidly; God, I thought the boy was going to hyperventilate. I didn't pull back though, and he began to kiss me back. I opened my mouth and slipped my tongue in to touch his. My arms wrapped tightly around his broad shoulders while we kept kissing. His hands slid down my back, bravely resting on my ass.

My insides were quivering. I wanted him, but should I? I pulled away again, and slid my hands down his hard chest as he stared at me.

"Matt," I whispered. "Have you ever made love before?"

He gulped again, and shook his head, not looking me in the eye, as

he hung his head. Oh, I thought, he's barrassed about his virginity! My heart swelled. I began kissing him again, his neck and his ear while he breathed out in a rush.

"Make love to me tonight," I pleaded in a whisper. "Matt, please make love to me."

"Yes," he whispered back. "Oh God, yes." I kissed him again, then began slowly undressing him, unbuttoning

his shirt and pulling it off while I kissed the soft white skin of his chest. My tongue licked his hard nipple.

We lay on the bed and kissed. Eager, and probably not knowing exactly what he was supposed to do, he practically tried to enter me before we were even completely undressed.

"No, no," I said gently. "Not yet... Not that yet." I gently pushed him off me, and got him on his back. First I

kissed his mouth, and his ears, and his neck. I licked both his nipples, and lay my head down on his muscular chest as it heaved up and down rapidly. Kneeling next to him on the bed while I leaned over him, he stared up at me, touching my face softly, and I returned his stare. My fingers lightly ran over his ribs, and I kissed each one.

Slowly moving south, teasing, I stuck my tongue in his belly button and he groaned, knowing I'm sure the direction I was headed in and what I was after. I kissed the baby fine hairs below his navel. They ran in a streak down into his jeans. My lips traveled all over his stomach, and his hips. I finished unbuttoning his jeans, and he lifted up so I could pull them off. His hard cock, juices dripping out, stuck out of the hole of his wet underwear. Odd thought, I wondered if his mother folded her son's underwear. I wondered what she would think if she could see him now...

I crawled between his spread thighs. He was positively shaking, his hands fumbling about on the bed by his sides. He is inexperienced, I thought. I crawled back up, supporting myself above him, and kissed him again.

"It's okay," I whispered as I looked into his eyes. "Yeah?"

He nodded.

I touched his face lightly, and smiled at him in the dim light. I

smoothed his hair back on his forehead while he swallowed. I kissed him again. He touched my hair too, and nodded again, reassuring me. I went back down. His underwear off completely, I began teasing him as his breathing became even more coarse and rapid. I began licking his thighs, and then kissing his pubic hair as his cock rubed in my long hair. He stared at me, his eyes glassy. I kept massaging his thighs and running my tongue through his pubic hair. He groaned. I knew I was driving him crazy. I looked up at him; our eyes locked. "Please," he whispered hoarsely, begging me for more. I continued kissing his thighs, then moved my head up and let my

tongue slightly touch his warm balls. He gasped, his hips jerking up. I swallowed one of his balls while he moaned, "Oh my God..." I slid my tongue up the length of his long hard dick. I swirled it around, and slid it back down to his heavy balls. I gently took one into my mouth and sucked it a little. I played with his balls with my mouth, my lips around them, licking them in the sack. Then I tongued the underside of his dick's head, and he groaned. I licked it up and down. All the while he was whimpering like a baby.

I finally took the swollen head into my mouth and sucked it, hard. He cried out. I rubed his shaft with my hands while his hands gripped my head, his fingers running through my hair. I took the whole thing into my mouth and began pumping, sucking his dick rapidly. His hips began slowly rocking, bucking to meet my mouth instinctively. I glanced up at him without letting go of my prize. His head was thrown back on the pillow, his eyes closed and his mouth open. His hip thrusts became faster, sticking his cock into my throat and nearly gagging me while he gripped my head. My God, I thought, he's fucking my mouth. His whimpering became louder and he started to yell while I sucked faster, as fast as I could.

"OhmyGod, ohmyGod," he yelled, as his whole body stiffened. "Jen!" he gasped faintly as his sperm exploded into my mouth and down my throat. His hips were lifted off the bed completely as he tried desperately to get as deep as he could. He came so much I couldn't handle it all and it seeped out of the corners of my mouth.

"Yeah, baby, yeah!" he grunted. With one final "Unngghh!" he collapsed on the bed and tried to catch his breath. I looked up at him from between his sweaty thighs and saw his facial expression.

Oh God, I thought, he's in heaven.

I licked the rest of Matt's cum off of his dick. I wondered if he

would leave now that he had cum. I hoped he wouldn't. He liked me, I knew that, but I didn't know how much. Or what it meant to him. Maybe he just thought I was pretty or something.

I crawled up to him and laid next to him. I put my head on his chest and hugged him while he stroked my hair. I kissed his pecs and rubed his shoulders. I held him to me for awhile, then I lay on my back and looked up at the ceiling. I wondered what he would do. He looked over at me first, then leaned over and kissed me. He began kissing my neck and fondling my breasts. He was too rough at first, squeezing my nipples and kneading my tits, pinching them, fascinated with the new toys I had presented him with. I gasped in pain and he looked pleased, probably thinking I was in pleasure. The darling boy was so eager to please. I pushed his hands away and he looked at me, questioningly. "No, you're being too rough," I said. I looked down at myself.

"Don't you think I have pretty breasts?" "Yeah..." he said.

"Don't you want to kiss them?" I asked. Matt looked down at my body. He started by gently tonguing my nipples and kissing my chest all over, then began sucking on them. His hand explored my cunt, and he inserted a couple of fingers in, exclaiming how wet I was. I gasped aloud and moaned when his tough fingers found my clitoris, and he quickly looked up in surprise. "Do you like that?" he asked in delight. "Oh Matt, yes," I moaned.

"Here?" he asked, curious, rubing my clit. "Yeah, right there oh God don't stop!"

Happy where he was, he continued sucking my breasts and finger

fucking me while his thumb rolled over my clit. Spreading my legs apart, I gently pushed him lower. I lifted one knee up. He stared at me, maybe nervous about being inexperienced. But he set his mind up to go for it. His hard cock stuck out like a pole from his belly as he repositioned himself between my legs. I gasped in pleasure as his wet mouth attached itself to my quivering cunt. His tongue slipped in to my vagina and explored my insides. Armed with his new information, he didn't neglect my clitoris, but instead worshipped it with his tongue and lips. I kept encouraging him with groans and yelps and words.

"Oh Matt, honey!" I groaned. "God, Matty, don't stop! Don't stop!" It's not like I was in any danger of his going anywhere; he was glued between my open thighs, happily eating his first pussy.

He kept sucking and sucking me and pretty soon the room began to spin. "Ohhh, I'm cumming I'm cumming!" I shrieked while every nerve in my body danced. I shook all over and grabed his head and pushed it into me. He looked a little alarmed, but extremely pleased with himself, which drove me crazy.

My heart rate, pounding in my ears, slowed as my orgasm subsided. He continued eating me, making me horny again. Besides, I'm insatiable when I'm drunk. I noticed he was absentmindedly stroking his virgin dick while his tongue plunged into my cunt. I motioned for him to move up. He scrambled up next to me and began kissing me. I spread my legs apart and whispered in his ear, "Matt, put it in me..."

He was on top of me in a flash, after all, from what I knew about guys, this is what he had been waiting for for sixteen years. This is what he thought of constantly, what every other guy talked about constantly. Heaven awaited him between my spread thighs. With one arm supporting him, the other gripped the head of his swollen cock which he aimed at my dripping box. He searched for the entrance, then eased in the head. He then shoved the entire length in while we both gasped in pleasure. He lay on top of me, and thrust his dick in deeper, banging against my cervix while I cried out in pain. My sweaty thighs gripping his hips, he pumped a few times more, but he was too excited. In his innocence and extreme excitement he pulled out completely and got off center.

"Oh God I'm cumming," he gasped into my ear. "Cum, Matt, cum!" I whispered back, my head spinning. His hands supporting him while I cradled his head on my shoulders. He frantically tried to get it back into me but failed and shot his hot cum all over my thighs. His voice wavered as he let out a cry, and completely withdrawn out of me, he desperately began humping my slippery thighs and pubic mound.

He collapsed onto me. I held him in my arms and began kissing him. He pulled away, and didn't look me in the eye as he whispered, "I'm sorry," and looked down between us at the mess. "I know, I came too soon," he said sadly, "I'm sorry..."

My stomach leapt to my throat as I thought of how sensitive he was being of me and my needs, how desperate to please me he was. The thought of him being upset by his perceived lack of a "good" performance made me want to cry. I grabed his face and made him look at me. "No, don't be sorry," I said. "It was wonderful; I loved it." It was the truth.

He gave me a shy smile and looked again at the sticky mess that we were encased in. He rolled off me and lay on his back staring at the ceiling, still smiling barassedly. I told him not to worry about it and grabed some Kleenex and cleaned us off. "See?" I said. "All gone!"

I snuggled up close to him underneath the covers. We kissed and rubed each other and giggled. We lay on our sides facing each other, our hips pressing together. His dick soon stiffened again, poking against me. He grinned at me, then rolled onto his back and pulled me on top of him. I spread my legs and guided it in. I lay on him at first, my breasts pinned against his chest, and fucked him hard. His body was so hard, unbelievable built for a freshman.

The I sat up and rode him while he lay back with a huge smile on his face, fondling my tits. I couldn't believe how much pleasure I was experiencing with this boy.

I crawled off of him and lay on my side with my back to his chest. I pulled his glistening dick between my legs. Our hands met down there as both of us together put his long dick into my cunt. He began thrusting into me rapidly from behind, grunting his approval. I led his hands to my clit which he played with, his dick in me all the way. He got me onto all fours and continued fucking me.

"Oh, doggy style, huh?" I laughed, at his initiative. "You like doggy style!"

"Hell yeah," he grunted at me. I banged him backwards, meeting each of his thrusts and drowning in pleasure. He massaged my ass, gripping my hips and then reaching down with one hand for my clit, his new best friend. I shrieked in pleasure from his fingers manipulating my clit like that. He was a quick learner, that's for certain. He leaned over me, his chest pressed into my back while his arms supported him next to mine. His large hands covered my small ones on the bed, while he kept thrusting his slippery dick into me. He breathed and groaned in my ear. I groaned back, and kept telling him how great he was.

I sat up suddenly, knocking him back into a sitting position on his knees. "Sit, sit," I told him. I sat on him like that, my ass grinding into his groin while my thighs straddled his. He clasped me to him, and held my breasts with one hand while the other went between my legs. I fondled his balls between my thighs and he played with my clit. My head lolled backward on his shoulder as I moaned, and I twisted around and we kissed.

"I'm gonna cum again," he groaned.

"No," I ordered playfully. "You're not allowed! Matty, you're not allowed to come yet!" "Awright, but I'm gonna if you don't hold still," he warned.

I stopped moving and held still. He didn't move a muscle, and in fact he was holding his breath. I almost started to laugh, but he was gripping my body so tightly I could barely breathe myself. He let his breath out, and said okay.

I returned to rocking him back and forth. It was too much for me, his fingers pressed into my clit and rubing it around, plus his hard dick lodged into me, all made me cum again.

"Ohhh, Ohhh! Yes!" I breathed. "I'm cumming, Matt you're making me cum again you fucker! OooOOOOooh!" "No, you're not allowed, not allowed to at all!" he joked.

My world went white, my body exploding in pleasure as I laughed.

The combination of the two, laughing hysterically and cumming at the same time, was unbelievable. I ground my hips into him violently, trying to milk every ounce of pleasure out of it that I could. He groaned loudly as my vagina spasmed several times, clenching his dick tightly. I breathed hard, spent.

Exhausted, and teasing a little, I got off him and fell on my back on the bed, covering my eyes with my forearm and crossing my legs at the ankles. "That was great Matty, really great..." I murmured, moving my arm a little so I could see him. Matt still sat on the end of the bed, his swollen dick pulsating up and down, still needing me desperately. The look on his face was partial panic, not knowing whether I was done with him or not, and partial amusement, knowing I was teasing him.

I removed my arm completely and, raising my knees up, smiled at him. "Come here!" I said, holding my arms out to my boy. "Come here..."

He was in me again quickly, this time with my raised legs over his shoulders. We kissed passionately, our wet mouths open and our tongues prying in and intertwining, while his hips bucked, his cock in me so deep. He thrust again and again.

Soon, his breathing became even more rapid and he cried out as he shot jets of his sperm into me. He groaned and kept thrusting faster and faster, gasping, then eventually slower, and slower, until finally he fell out and we just lay holding each other, spent. He kissed me. "I love you," he whispered, his eyes shining.

I was much wiser than Matt, older and wiser and perhaps knew a lot

more about love than him. But, at that moment, held tightly in his arms, I loved him too, desperately. I had to. "I love you too..." I told him.

Matt grinned at me and kissed me again.

Hope everyone enjoyed it. feel free to leave me a comment would love some feed back.

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