Yours Forever

A flower in your midst,

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Trampled by time.

A beauty under the sun,

Undeserved you say.

A gem in the forest,

Hidden from others.

A sight beheld by many,

Misunderstood by far.

A jewel none may own,

But only to be held.

A shadows footprint,

Which many shall hunt.

A prize beyond the horizon,

Too far to withhold.

A sentry to Athena’s gates,

Protector of her heart.

A whisper which cannot be heard,

Which many long to hear.

A breath which few shall feel,

Fewer to rber.

A love not to be trifled with,

But to be kept within.

A champion for all,

To fight to the end.

A valued heart,

Unlike all the rest.

A gorgeous lass,

To wrap your arms about.

A nymph in the stream,

To swim with the current.

A damsel in distress,

My aid to which you come.

A girl unlike any other,

Compared to no one else.

A treasure which you have found,

To be yours for all time.

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