Wife Jenny Spanked by a Younger Man

Pretty Wife Jen Has to take a Paddling from a Younger Man

Pretty wife Jenny was nervous, pacing in her living room. No man had even SEEN her bare behind since she married Pete, almost 20 years ago, and today their impossibly arrogant, cocky and handsome young neighbor Dennis was going to redden her married backside! She groaned inside at her predicament, but her husband’s word was law in their house, and since he was away on business for an extended time, and she’d displeased him, there was no way out for the obedient wife once Pete had pronounced sentence.

She didn’t think she’d get screwed, since her loving husband was so jealous of keeping her pussy for his sole pleasure, but she was definitely going to be compromised that day. Bared, and exposed for discipline by the same young hunk she’d slapped, and scolded just a few weeks before when he’d grabed her tight little bottom, and pinched, hard!, that afternoon at the pool. Jenny wondered how hard she’d be made to pay for that angry outburst when Dennis came to her home that day?

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Jen quaked when the doorbell rang, and she felt her pussy clench in anticipation as she moved to answer the door. Dennis was a jerk, and rude to her when they were alone and he could get away with his dirty suggestions, out of huby’s earshot. Pretty Jenny imagined that Dennis, half her age, could nail all the young lovelies he wanted with his handsome looks, and fantastic build, but today she was his quarry, she regretted, and her husband had sentenced her to a hard spanking for being a bad girl, so she knew she was going to end up bare-bottomed, over this detestable young man’s lap, while he had his way with this particular, loyal, married woman.

Jenny was no stranger to being spanked by men. Her father had warmed her bare backside many times until she left home for college, and even after! That time she was home on break, and daddy caught both her and her mother having a little too much wine on their shopping trip, the stern man had taken both females over his knee for discipline, and the episode was etched in her mind. In her room that night, after her spanking, she heard things from across the hall telling her Mom had gotten the better bargain, and she blushed even now, all these years later, as she rbered reaching her fingers down to deal with herself in a most unlady-like manner. She knew it was wrong, but when Daddy spanked her that way, bare, she got all wet and puffy, and there was no denying her excitement.

And Brad, in college, before she’d met her husband. What a long, strange trip that had been for an innocent girl from rural Kansas. Tall, fit, and mean-looking, though he turned out to be an incredibly nice guy, Brad had taught this girl things about the connection between spanking and getting screwed, deep and hard, that she’d never imagined. Pretty coed Jen had spent a good part of her first two years in college over Brad’s lap, or spread wide for him in his bed, spanked, and then nailed hard, before she’d met Pete, fallen head over heels in love, and married her one and only. But, sometimes Brad made her swallow, too, though Jenny never quite got up the nerve to tell her new husband about that part. Huby had been jealous enough, and spanked her SO hard, when she confessed about the times Brad made her spread wide for his huge manhood, on her knees with her shoulders down, subservient to the big male. Jen wasn’t sure she’d ever have the nerve to tell her husband about the times Brad took her, well. . . ‘back there’! Her pussy twitched at the memory of how Brad’s thick semen leaked out of her for the rest of the day when that happened, but she wasn’t sure her husband needed those details.

The time Pete caught her with Brad, during their engagement, was a conflicted, and tormenting, memory. She couldn’t believe now, as a faithful wife of so many years that she’d been seduced that way, and had submitted to Brad’s urging for ‘just one good-bye fuck’, as he’d crudely put it. When Pete came in, and found his beloved posting up and down on the hunk’s big cock, she’d been mortified. The bare bottomed whipping Pete administered with his leather belt that day, and in front of her ‘date’, was even more humiliating, spread wide open that way so that both men saw everything she had. Open. Dripping. Brad had made his escape, after the whipping, just before she was sure her future husband would have given her ravisher a sound beating, something entirely against his nature and an event she was grateful she never had to see.

And now, cocky, irritating, and arrogant young Dennis was in her living room, wielding the paddle and smirking at the pretty wife who he knew was hers for the afternoon.

“Damn, the bastard is good-looking!”, the comely wife allowed her silent imagination as she felt her husband’s private territory moisten her panties. “But he’s young enough to be my son!”, the pretty woman processed, “and he’s going to SPANK me!”, she cried inside, in her most private thoughts. “Bare!”, Jenny knew.

Young, arrogant Dennis wasted little time in compromising the pretty, older woman, quaking before him. Her husband had given him full permission to spank the lovely woman, bare, and he was determined to make it a memorable experience, for him, and the chastised wife. He knew it barrassed and humiliated the woman, twice his age, when he ordered her to turn for him, showing him her pretty, tight, ass encased in that sinful skirt, but he savored the sensation, and the sight, as she reluctantly did as she was told.

“Over”, was all Dennis had to say, as he enjoyed the sight of the captive female bending to place her hands flat on the sofa, her attractive skirt drawing even tighter across her luscious behind.

Then, three quick paddle swats from the much younger man had her wriggling, her behind stinging, before Dennis allowed her to rise, leading her to her bedroom. She complied, and let herself be lead to her execution, because her husband had granted this detestable young man this power over her, and she always did what she was told, when Pete announced sentence.

Lovely Jen was afraid, wondering what the young man was going to do to her, and she wondered how a good, faithful wife could get through the afternoon, in her own bedroom, without being unfaithful to her husband?

To be continued, when young Dennis takes the trbling wife over his knees.

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