My Modeling Mom

I live with my mom for several reasons. I'm 18 and mom lets me have my freedom. I can do just about anything, except drugs and bringing girls home for sex. Otherwise, I have the run of the house. My last reason is; my mom is hot. My mom works in real estate and does some modeling for the local TV shopping channel. She models clothes and jewelry, sometimes makeup. My mom is 37 and petite, with a 34c chest. I think she looks perfect. My father left mom for another woman last year. We were hurt, but looking back I'm glad he didn't waste any more of my mom's life. I don't really have any friends. Whenever I introduce them to my mom they just stare or fall all over themselves. They want to bed my mom and I just quit hanging out with any of them.

Mom has several female model friends she brings to the house for little visits. I always make sure I'm home to meet them. Some are very hot, and some are just plain. I asked mom why they weren't all hot like her.

Mom said "some were hand or leg models. Some might just be hair models, and by the way, thanks for thinking I'm hot."

I blushed at hearing my own words. I had to look away as my face turned red. My mom was always in my jack off fantasies. My cock dripped more precum from mom's teasing around the house than I want to think about. She would walk around the house with only a dressing gown so she wouldn't mess up her hair or make up. Even when she had a day off she would dress in shorts and a halter top. My mom was would also walk around in just a thong bikini. She said it was very comfortable for her, but I always got wood and had to hide it. Mom's ass was a work of art. I told her that the work outs she was doing were well worth the effort.

I was on the couch watching TV, when mom came home. She went into her bedroom and shut the door. After about twenty minutes she called me to come into her room. I opened the door and mom was standing before the mirror in a new thong bikini. "What is it mom?

"Honey I need your help. I need an honest opinion of my body. Please tell the truth and don't try to sugar coat it."

"Sure mom, but do you think I'm the right person to ask?"

"Honey, I know you are perfect for the job. I want you to fell free to inspect my body, always looking for a way I might improve it. I'm getting a little too old for modeling some of the new outfits I'm afraid."

"Did someone say something to you mom?"

"No baby, it's just the way I feel sometimes. Will you help me, now, please?"

Mom took off her top, exposing a very firm pair of tits. The bottoms came off next. I looked at the mound and whispered "camel toe" as I licked my lips. Mom turned around and made sure I got an eye full. I was now fully erect. Mom saw my erection and paused.

"Oh honey, I was so full of myself. I didn't even think I might arouse you. I'm sorry."

"It's ok mom. I 'm sorry too"

Mom sat down next to me. She told me that nude was not a bad thing and that being aroused was a natural effect. She explained that we were as close together as you can get, that a very special bond exist between mother and son. She told me that I would never have to be barrassed by my natural feelings or ever have to apologize to her again.

"Mom you're right. I said I would help you and I will. Your body is fine, however, I would suggest you shave your, eh---, muff. Sometimes I notice a little hair sticking out. I might also suggest a nice massage, by yours truly."

"That's it baby. You've got the right idea now. Are you sure you want to try and massage me?"

"Mom, I'm eager to. I might also add; I do a really great shave too."

We both laughed at that. Mom did shave. She also walked around the house nude, all the time. I would call to her as she walked by to stop and let me look. I sometimes would have her bend over or to let me feel her legs for hair stuble. Mom also submitted to some very close up inspections. I bought some great smelling oils for massages. I told mom it was time to let me try a good rub down on her.

We went into mom's room and she spread out on the bed, face down. I told her I wanted her as loose as possible. I would move her arms or legs as I needed. Mom was relaxed as I applied the warmed oil. I applied pressure to different parts of her back. When she softly moaned, I knew I had hit the right spot and would keep massaging that area, moving back to it at different intervals. As I worked on my mom's perfect ass, I had her moaning totally, by hitting all the areas that I had found to cause a moan. I moved down each of her shapely legs and paid particular attention to her feet. She let out a very erotic moan as I massaged her foot, so I sucked on her toes, lightly, looking for a reaction. Mom squealed as I nibled on her toes. I was getting turned on before, but now I had cum in my pants from mom being so aroused.

I rolled mom over and went to work on her front starting at her shoulders then moving to her breast. Her nipples were very pointed and hard. I got very high moans every time I rubed a nipple. Mom was hot and I knew I had played my cards right. I worked on her stomach, going back to massage her nipples frequently. I went down each leg and again sucked her toes as I worked on her feet. I had not touched her cunt on purpose. I had a reason for leaving that area alone. I pulled her toes I was sucking, out of my mouth making a popping sound. "All finished mom!"

Mom let out a little whimper. "But honey, you missed my muff. Please massage my camel toe, baby."

That was what I wanted to hear. I applied a little oil to the puffy mound and mom moaned before I even started to massage her. I moved my fingers around the outer lips tweaking the lips and rubing her nipples with my other hand. Mom was moaning the whole time. I noticed fluid coming out of her clit and bent over and licked at her opening. This made mom go wild and she started to hump her cunt at my mouth. I removed my clothes and moved my cock into a position above my mom's mouth.

"Do me!" Mom screamed and she grabed my cock pulling it into her mouth. She was sucking feverishly at my dick, as I sucked her clit with passion. Mom was pulling my ass down and sucked all my cock into her mouth. I licked and sucked, my face now covered with mom's juices. I came in my mothers mouth deep and hard. Mom let out a muffled scream just as I finished shooting. I was spent, unable to even move from mom's slick gooey hole.

Finally finding enough strength, I moved to face my mother. She was all smiles and kissed me long and hard, darting her tongue into my mouth, mixing our two cums together, for a taste that was ours alone. I was hard again and mounted mom, easing my throbing cock into the most forbidden, but also the most desired place on earth. Mom's mouth was sucking my tongue as I pumped all my cock into her. I humped her twat hard and drove my cock in as far as possible. Mom's cunt was like a mouth, pulling and sucking at my prick, devouring every drop of cum and still wanting more. I was sure I wouldn't be able to keep up with this greedy goo gobling slit that was the focus of so many of my wet dreams, but I was determined to give it my best shot. I fucked long and hard. My few other times fucking were not even practice for this fuck fest. Mom was hard humping with no end in sight. I broke away from her mouth and popped a nipple into my mouth, and bit down ever so slightly, causing my mom to howl in pleasure.

Mom came hard for a very long time, draining my balls and making a very sloppy mess on the bed. My cock flopped out and mom rolled onto me and kissed and sucked at my body, finally falling into a half sleep on my stomach. We stayed that way for several hours, kissing, rubing and sleeping.

Mom woke and led me into the shower with her. We washed each other, dried off and changed the sheets on the bed. Mom made some tea and we sat on the couch to drink and talk.

Mom started. "Baby, that was fantastic, I have never had sex that intense before, I never came that hard, never. I want more of that honey, much more."

"I love you mom. I want to give you more and often. I want only you, my love, and forever."

The next two weeks were a repeat of that night. We would sometimes forgo the massage; the sex every night was hot and steaming. Mom was very aggressive in bed and I had to be innovated at times. Mom also was a little kinky, something I had not known about before. Most nights she wanted me to sleep with my cock in her. Sixty nine was her favorite position just lying together. Mom loved to have her ass reamed, either by my tongue or dick. I normally awoke with her sucking my cock and she swallowed my cum, calling it breakfast.

Mom and I were playing with each other, when mom got serious. "Baby, as you know I have several friends that model also. I was telling them about you magic finger massage and they wanted to know if you could do them also."

"You mean the full massage, with sex?"

"Yes baby, I want them to get all your charms. I think it would help our relationship from going stale and it's a good cover for us. I figure one, maybe two girls a week at most. You could use your old room and no one would bother you."

"Some are married right?"

"Yes baby, but their husbands will told that they are spending the night with me. Think about it. I won't have any problem as long as you still want and love me. You fuck them all night long; just don't fall in love with any of them."

"Sounds like a plan to me mom. When do I start?"

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