The Break In

My wife, Julie and I live in a very nice home with a back yard pool. I have a good job, were I put in some very long hours. Julie runs a day care center, where she also puts in long hours. So we don’t have a lot of time to spend together.

A few weeks ago, we celebrated our 23 rd wedding anniversary. I decided to take her out to a dinner and a movie. It was the middle of June, so it was a very hot day. Julie surprised me by dressing up in a very sexy outfit, consisting of a low cut blouse and a short skirt. She also wore black high heeled boots. I love it whenever she dresses this way, but she seldom does. She still looks great for her age, nice large tits and a great tight ass.

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Not long after we arrived at the restaurant, Julie got up to use the restroom, I noticed a few men glance at her ass as she walked past them. I Love it when other men look at her. After dinner we drove to the movie theater. Again, I noticed a few men looking my wife over, as we were standing in line for the movie. All of this was turning me on very much. I didn’t pay much attention to the Movie, I just wanted to get home and jump in bed with Julie.

About half way through the movie, Julie whispered in my ear, “Can we please go home, I’m not into the movie and I’m horny as hell.” I leaned over to her and said. “That’s sounds great to me, but this isn’t like you to talk this way.” She then told me that she had gotten horny from having all of those men looking her. “Oh, I didn’t think you had noticed them watching you.” I said.

“It was kind of hard not to notice, almost every man around us was looking at me.”

“So that turned you on huh?” I said smiling at her. “Yes.” she said shyly.

We stood up and walked out of the theater. When we got outside she grabed me and gave me a very wet kiss. After we got into our car she reached over and unzipped my slacks. She reached in and pulled out my cock. As she stroked my cock, I reached over, lifted her top and put my hand up under her bra. As soon as my finger touched her nipple, she jumped and began moaning. We sat there in the theater parking lot fondling each other for over a half hour.

It was quite late when we finally arrived home.

I unlocked the front door and turned on the light. I was certain that I heard a noise coming from our bedroom. I whispered to Julie, “stay here and keep quiet.”

I then crept down the hallway towards our bedroom. I could see the door to our bedroom was open and the light was on. We never leave that light on and we always leave that door closed. As I neared the door, two very young men suddenly ran out into the hall. They were both very dirty and gruby looking. One of them pointed a large knife at me.

“hold it right there mister.” he shouted.

Julie screamed when she heard this. Then the other man ran over to her and grabed her, putting his hand over her mouth and his other arm around her neck.

I was then instructed to go back into our living room. And sit down. While the other man continued holding onto Julie.

“What are we going to do now, Billy.” The one holding Julie asked.

“Shut up stupid, now you let them know my name.”

“I’m sorry Billy.” the young one holding Julie said, obviously ashamed.

“Just shut up Jimmy, and let me think.” Billy yelled again.

“Oh Shit!“ Billy just realized that he had now told us the name of his sidekick.

Billy appeared to be a few years older than Jimmy.

“Get over here and sit down, while I think.” Billy again yelled.

Jimmy then pushed Julie onto our couch,

Her skirt went up almost revealing her panties, as she landed on the couch. Jimmy sat next to her. Julie was so scared that she didn’t notice her skirt was up. But I could tell that Billy had noticed it.

“OK, here’s the plan. Jimmy, Take the women outside by the pool, while I explain to huby here what I plan to do.”

Jimmy then stood up and pulled Julie with him, they headed out to the back yard. After they had gone, Billy turned to me. “Here’s the deal, you and I are going to go out back with Jimmy and your wife. Then I’m going to undress your sexy little wife and you will get undressed also. I’m going to take all of your clothes and lock them in the house with your house key’ s, so the two of you cant get back inside to call the cops. The two of you will be stuck out here naked as jay birds.

He then instructed me to stand up and walk outside. We found Julie and Jimmy sitting on lounge chairs by the pool. Billy told Jimmy to take the knife and keep an eye on me. Billy then walked over to Julie. He grabed her blouse and ripped it off. She screamed loudly. But our neighbors are far enough away that I’m sure they didn’t hear her. He then reached around her and with one swift movement her bra fell to the ground.

“Damn Billy, what cha doing.” Jimmy shouted.

“Shut up stupid.” Billy yelled back.

Billy wasn’t finished, he then pushed down her skirt. To my surprise, Julie had only a G string on. I didn’t even know she owned one.

“Very Nice!” Billy said. “Now I got a better idea. I’m going to watch the old man, while he fucks this sweat little thing.”

“No Billy!” Jimmy again shouted. “For the last time, Shut up!” Billy yelled back.

Billy then turned to face me. “Okay old man, its your turn to get undressed.”

I slowly began unbuttoning my shirt, I wasn’t about to hurry, I didn’t see any reason to. I slipped my shirt off of my shoulders and dropped it to the ground. Then I sat down and started to untie my shoes.

“Hurry up! We ain’t got all night.” Billy hollered at me.

I slipped off my shoes then unbuckled my belt. I stood up and let my slacks fall to the ground. I was now standing in just my boxers and Julie in her G string.

“Okay get over here.” Billy gestured for me to move over next to Julie. As I stood next to her, I noticed that she was trbling, so I placed an arm around her for support.

“Now, both of you, take of your underwear.” Billy instructed.

“No!” Julie screamed. I turned and held her with both arms. “Please baby, just do as they say, I don’t want you to get hurt.”

She then reluctantly reached down to her G string and slipped it off of her sexy little bottom. Her thick pussy hair was now visible for both men to see. My cock quickly sprang to attention, I looked over at Billy, I noticed he also had a bulge growing in his pants.

“Okay your turn old man.” Billy said. I reached down to my boxers and pushed them down. My erection sprung out. “Ha! someone is horny already.” Billy laughed. I blushed with barrassment.

“Okay little lady, lye down on that lounge chair, and huby, you climb on top of her. I want to see how old people fuck, ha, ha, ha.” Billy laughed.

“Billy what cha doing.” Jimmy said.

Suddenly Billy took a swing at Jimmy and hit him in his stomach. “Ah!” Jimmy moaned and he fell back onto the ground.

“I told you to shut up for the last time! Now stay down there and watch this.”

“Okay old man, put your dick in your sexy wife’s hole!” Billy said, now more angry then before.

Julie was already lying on the lounger. I very slowly kneeled over her, She looked so sexy, I wanted to fuck her as much as Billy wanted me to. I eased my hard cock down against her waiting pussy lips. She winced as I started to enter her, but as I went deeper I heard a soft sigh come from her lips.

“Yes! That’s it old man, Now fuck her hard!” Billy shouted.

I didn’t need to be instructed on what to do, I began pumping my hard mber in and out of Julies sweet tight pussy. “Ummmmm.” Julie was beginning to enjoy it now. She reached her arms around me and began pulling my buttocks into her with each stroke. “um, yes, Yes, OH, YES!” Julie continued to get louder with each thrust.

I pounded her harder than I have in years, but I didn’t last as long as I used to. I shot my load deep inside of her. I held it inside of her for a few minutes, then pulled my limp cock out of her now cum filled pussy.

“Yes, that was great for an old man.” Billy said, not so loudly this time. I then looked at Billy for the first time since I started fucking Julie. He now had his cock out of his jeans and was pumping it.

“What do you think of that Jimmy, good huh?” Billy said looking down at Jimmy who was still lying on the ground.

“Yes, Billy, that was something.” Jimmy said.

“Hey, I just rbered. You’ve never fucked anyone before have you, Jimmy?” Billy said with a sly look on his face.

“No, why?” Jimmy said quietly, with a puzzled look of his face.

“Well, Hey, it’s about time you lost your virginity, young brother.” Billy said. So these two are , I thought to myself.

“What cha mean, Billy?” Jimmy asked.

“Well, just Look over there, Jimmy boy, a naked pussy, just waiting for you to fuck.” Bill said with a smirk on his face.

“You want me to fuck her?” Jimmy said, raising his eyebrows.

“Sure, why not brother? She’s just lying there ready and waiting for you.” Billy exclaimed.

Jimmy slowly stood up, while starring over at Julie. When he was up he began unbuckling his jeans.

“NO!” Julie screamed.

“Hey wait a minute, Billy, this wasn’t part of the plan.” I said.

Billy swung around towards me with his knife in his hand.

“Shut the hell up, old man. There has been a change in the plan, and you don’t have anything to say about it. You interfere and I‘ll stick you with this knife.” Billy said pointing his knife at my stomach.

I glanced at Julie, she had a terrified look on her face. I then looked at Jimmy, he was fumbling with his clothes. Billy was still standing next to me with his knife against my gut. I knew there wasn’t a thing I could do to stop this.

Jimmy was now completely undressed, I looked at him, his cock was amazingly large. At least 9 inches long and about 2 inches around. He began walking towards Julie.

“No!” she screamed again, But when she noticed his large cock, her facial expression changed. It went from a fearful expression to one of shock. Her eyes widened and her mouth fell open. Jimmy was now standing right next to her. Julie reached up to touch his cock with what seemed to be a reflex move. As soon as she touched it she pulled her hand back and looked over at me.

I felt a strange twinge in my cock. I looked down at my dick and it had grown hard again. Julie seen this and smiled at me, she then looked back at Jimmy’s large cock.

“Don’t just stand there stupid, climb over her and fuck the hell out of that pussy.” Billy said grinning from ear to ear. Jimmy clumsily moved over top of Julie. Julie again looked over at me. I could tell she now wanted this huge cock in her pussy.

“Go ahead, sweaty.” I said. With that said, she reached down to Jimmy’s cock and helped to aim it at her waiting pussy.

“Um.” She whimpered as the tip of it touched her pussy lips. Jimmy slowly began to push his now even larger cock into my sexy wife’s pussy.

“OH, NO, STOP. PLEASE STOP, IT‘S TO BIG!“ Julie suddenly screamed in what appeared to be great pain. Jimmy quickly stopped and pulled back out of her.

“I’m sorry Lady, are you okay?” He asked.

“Um, Yes, just give me a minute, please.” Julie whispered. Then after just a couple of short seconds, she said. “Okay, lets try it again.”

Jimmy nodded his head in agreement and again began entering her.

“OH!” Julie again moaned. Jimmy stopped. “No, don’t stop, it’s good.” Julie said.

I then witnessed in amazement, as Jimmy’s huge cock disappear deep into my wife‘s tight little pussy.

Suddenly Julie started shaking uncontrollably. Then a loud scream escaped from her lips. “OH GOD!”

“What’s wrong now!” Jimmy shouted.

“There ain’t nothing wrong stupid, you just made her cum, ha ha!“ Billy said to his brother while laughing. I looked at Billy, who was again jacking off on his cock. Billy then looked down at my cock which was hard again.

“I got another idea.” Billy said. “Okay old man, take your old cock and put it in your wife mouth, she can suck it while Jimmy there, fucks her pussy.”

I had no objection to this. I quickly walked over to Julie, she eagerly grabed onto my cock and put it in her mouth. She began sucking on it like she has never sucked it before.

“Hey Jimmy, what cha waiting for, get busy at fucking that pussy.” Billy said. Jimmy slowly started gyrating his cock in and out of Julie. After a short time of this, Julie pulled my cock from her mouth and moaned, “Harder Jimmy, Please, Fuck me harder.” She then quickly sucked my cock back into her mouth.

Hearing her talk this way caused me shoot my loaded into her mouth, she tried to swallow it but it was way to much for her. It ran out of her mouth and all over her face. I then stepped back to watch the rest of the show. I glanced over at Billy, he had now shot his load and his dick was now limp in his hand, but he continued pumping it.

Jimmy was now bucking his hips in and out of Julie, like a bronco rider. Pulling his long cock almost completely out of her pussy, then slamming it back in all of the way to his balls. Julie was screaming at the top of her lungs, over and over. “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, its Ooooooooooh So, GOOD!.

I could see Julie’s juices flowing out of her pussy with each of Jimmy‘s thrusts. I’m sure that Julie came at least three times, since Jimmy first entered her. But it appeared as though Jimmy wasn’t ever going to cum.

There was now sweat rolling off of both of their faces.

Then, suddenly without warning, Jimmy let out an extremely loud grunt. “AAAAAAHHHHHH!” I could see his load of cum running out of Julie’s pussy and down the sides of her thighs. Jimmy collapsed on top of her. He lay there for a few minutes, totally exhausted. Then he very slowly backed his limp but still very large cock out of her pussy. His entire shaft was glistening with their cum. This turned me on again, seeing Julie’s cum, all over young Jimmy’s large cock.

Neither of the boys said another word. They both simply got dressed and left.

After they were gone, I walked over to Julie and sat down beside her. We hugged and kissed.

“What do we do now?” Julie asked.

I thought for a moment, then rbered, “Hey, wait a minute, Billy didn’t take our clothes and he didn’t lock us out of the house.” I said with a grin. “Come on, grab your clothes and lets go back inside.” After we were inside, we both walked around the house, we couldn’t find anything missing.

“Should we call the police?” Julie asked.

I looked at her, I knew she had enjoyed this experience as much, or more then I had. “No.” I said.

She smiled at me saying. “Yes, it was fun, wasn’t it?’ she giggled. I gave her a passionate kiss.

Then said, “it’s late, lets go to bed.” She agreed.

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