How I got fucked on my roadtrip

My brother's friend sure knows how to fuck

The trees out here were actually pretty beautiful. I admit I have never been so astounded by nature before and these trees were simply breathtaking. So was the long drive. I hadn’t seen my family for almost six months and I couldn’t miss the chance to spend some quality time with them. My father just purchased a large RV and was dying for the chance to break it out. His friend Pete had one for almost 2 years now so my Dad finally was able to be officially part of his RV club. I guess they had been planning on taking a long trip up north for a while and my dad’s new purchase was the peble in the pond. Ever since last July when my Dad rolled up to Pete’s house in his new RV, the cogs started turning in their heads and before you knew it, Pete’s whole family and mine were off on the trip of a lifetime. My brother Brad and four of his friends also joined us. When I got home for summer break I completely forgot this weekend was the week of the big trip. I was partially glad I came and at the same time was partially disappointed I did.

I’d just finished the spring semester at Arizona State University and my mother reminded me about the trip when I flew in to LAX. At first I was kind of excited about it. I hadn’t had the opportunity to have any quality time with my family and I thought a break from the madness of school would be terrific. When I noticed Pete’s daughters and Brad’s friends were joining us, my joy quickly grew to dread. I knew with this many personalities and minds, our trip would be anything but relaxing. I was also kind of depressed over the fact that my boyfriend, Trevor, wouldn’t be joining us. Well I wouldn’t exactly classify him as my boyfriend. He was just finishing his last semester and graduated with his Master’s in Psychology. Instead of spending the summer with us, he was going to be in Chicago, working as an apprentice at a very prestigious practice. We kind of got in a bit of tiff over it and decided to take a break. I guess the trip would be a great way to get my mind of him for now.

The RV was really rigid and I could feel every bump and nook in the road. I always thought I had a strong stomach but the tumultuous ride was really starting to make me queasy. My mother was so sweet though. As she rode co-pilot up front, she’d never fail to look back every few minutes to see how I was doing. She noticed right away that the drive was making me kind of sick so she told me I could sleep in the master bedroom in the back of the RV.

“Sweetheart why don’t you go lie down in the back there? Just go spread out and take a nap. I’m sure it will make you feel better.”

“Thanks Mom, I’ll be alright though.”

She just smiled and rubed my thigh before focusing back on the road ahead. As I sat there on the leather swivel chair behind her, I looked over and saw my brother and his friend’s playing cards on the dinning room table. They were so into. I could see money on the table stacking up in front of them as each one of them had a very stoic and grim look on their faces. They were playing for money and were very strategic with their hands. I had to admit, his friends were nice boys, kind of immature but somewhat sincere. I never ever escaped their wandering eyes though. Even though they were lax about their own obviousness, they never tried to make me feel uncomfortable. My brother said they all were in love with me and constantly teased him about it. I guess being the older sister really had its advantages and disadvantages for him. In this case, since I didn’t bring along any of my girlfriends I was purely a disadvantage. He had to continuously wrangle his friend’s attention whenever I passed the table to the washroom or visited the refrigerator for a soda. They thought it was so amazing to be around such a mature and sexy older girl like myself. Constantly they would ask if the girls at the university were like me. I assured them they were and they barely could muffle their excitement. They seemed so eager to start their freshman years and constantly quoted random lines from “American Pie” and “Road Trip.” I guess they thought college was going to be just a huge orgy. Too bad they would be sadly disappointed. They had all just graduated high school with Brad and planned on following me to Arizona State.

As I watched the boys play their silly game, I noticed one of Brad’s friends sitting off alone in front of the television. His name was Mark and he was a little different than the rest. He seemed to be a lone wolf and preferred his independence. The guys would tease him, trying to provoke him to join in but he would just ignore them and do his own thing.

As I watched the beautiful evergreens swish by my window, I kept getting a feeling like someone was staring at me. I flipped the pages of my magazine, trying to ignore it but I just kept getting the same feeling. Finally I looked over and noticed Mark was staring down in front of me. I looked to see what was there and didn’t notice anything. I had thought it could have been a bug or some insect but I was wrong. Finally I realized he was looking at my legs. How could I have been so oblivious? I was reclined in my chair, my legs stretched out in front of me on the adjacent bench seat. I should have been more aware of my appearance but I was so enthralled by the view outside and the articles in my magazine. In an attempt to dress for the climate change we’d experience, I wore an orange cotton hooded sweatshirt that zipped in front. I had the zipper pulled down past my chest and a yellow tank top on underneath. I knew it was going to get a little chilly at night so I wanted to have something warm on. The sweater was tapered and fitted and barely covered half of my stomach. Forgetting how cold it would get later in the afternoon, I mistakenly wore my green canvas skirt. It was hot that morning and I knew I’d get warm as I helped Mom and Dad pack the RV. Like always, I was partially aware of things but always half prepared for the entire picture. Luckily I brought my comfy brown Ugg boots to keep my feet and ankles warm.

Unfortunately I was kind of showing more skin than I planned on. I don’t blame Mark for looking though. I mean I do keep myself in stellar shape and my legs are very slender and athletic. Being a collegiate cheerleader has its perks and part of that would be the body sculpting workouts I’d participate in. I mean I always loved to workout and tone my body but cheerleading really helped take me to the next level, physically speaking. My dorm room was always hot so I routinely only put on enough clothes to really cover what was necessary. I mean come on, Arizona is notoriously hot and sunny and it was never a chore to lie out and get a tan either. Anyway, I noticed Mark was still staring so I pulled my legs back towards me and sat in an “Indian style” position to help ease his burden. When I looked up to see his reaction, he just looked at my legs again and smiled before looking back up at the television. The corner of my mouth curled up a tad as I smiled too. I tried to hide my grin in case he noticed. I didn’t want him to think I welcomed the attention; it’s just that I thought it was kind of smooth the way he smiled nonchalantly and looked away. He didn’t even care to see if I had noticed his wandering eyes.

About an hour later, I heard the RV slowly stagger on the highway as my dad guided it into a driveway. When I looked up to see where we were, I noticed a large sign outside that indicated we were at a truck stop. Yes! I could finally get up and move my legs that so desperately needed the blood to flow. The guys were excited too and yelled out, “Oh yeah! Time for some chips and dips! I call dibs on hotdogs.” As the boys wrestled each other to get out of the RV I noticed several of the girls from Pete’s RV get out and walk into the market. One of the boys commented, “Dude I didn’t know your Uncle Pete had such amazing looking daughters. Why the hell are we riding in here then?”

Brad’s friend Sam commented back under his breath, “Dude are you freaking retarded? Cara is a hundred times hotter than them. Have you seen her legs in that skirt?”

“Of course I have you idiot, why do you think I was facing the front of the RV?”

“So you could check out Mrs. Beckett Sam!”

“You guys are idiots!” Brad replied as they punched each other in the arm.

The boys finally pushed their way out and ran into the store to gawk at the girls. As I walked to the front door, one of the truckers rushed over and opened it for me.

“Mmm Mmm! Would you look at the ass on this one!”

I was disgusted by his comment and walked inside past him. As he followed me in he commented again, “Well missy if you are hankering for some sweet love, my trucks the red one with the large cabin in back.”

“Hmmm I think I’ll have to pass on that one.”

“Oh come on baby. You know I could sure teach you some things. I bet you’re a real spinner huh?”

Before I could reach out and slap him, Mark came walking over and pushed the trucker back. As he stood there between us, I noticed how tall he actually was. He was probably a good ten or twelve inches taller than the trucker and his physique was quite impressive.

“Do you have something you want to say about my friend here asshole?”

The trucker was dumbfounded and somewhat intimidated by Mark. Instead of instigating a fight, he chose to keep his reply to himself. As he walked away, Mark turned around and apologized for his behavior.

“Sorry about that Cara, some guys can be real jerks.”

“Well thanks Mark. I really appreciate that. He was starting to really creep me out.”

‘Yeah I noticed that when he followed you in here. Don’t worry though, I’m guessing he’ll leave you alone.”

I was kind of flustered over the encounter and I was really glad Mark was there. To be honest before now I hadn’t even said much to him during the road trip. I rber him from a few years ago and I was surprised on how much he had matured. As he stood there talking with me, I couldn’t help but notice how chiseled his arms were and how broad his shoulders got. He really filled out. I’m guessing that’s why he got a scholarship to play football at the University of Arizona.

“Well I would have been more impressed with it if you weren’t going to be a Wildcat.”

“Ha-ha, whatever you say miss Arizona State.”

We laughed for a moment, before parting ways and searching the store for our own things. I noticed as I was in the magazine aisle, Mark kept meandering in the area, stealing glances of me. I tried my best to pretend I couldn’t tell and I think it was working. As he passed by again, I kind of peered over at him and saw him staring through my peripheral vision. After a few seconds, he walked past me from behind. I swear as he passed by, he leaned in and took a deep breath of my hair. It kind of gave me goose bumps and sent a shiver up my spine. It wasn’t in a bad way at all. I really just thought it was kind of sweet and sincere.

After almost twenty or thirty minutes, I could see my father waving us all in to leave. I looked over for the boys and noticed they were all by the hot dog machine as Aaron shoved hot dog after hot dog down his throat. They were pumping their fists in excitement as he put on this horrendous display. I gazed around the market for Mark and saw him sitting on a chair near the bathrooms. His hand was on his stomach and I assumed he must have been the last participant of the contest. I called out to Brad to wrangle his boys in as I walked outside to the RV. As we rolled down the highway again at a blistering pace my stomach started to feel queasy again. My mom looked back and rubed her fingers through my hair before insisting I go back to the master cabin. I guess all of the laughter and talking the boys were engaged in only added to my discomfort. Not only were their the boys, but also Pete’s daughter and her cohorts, who decided to join us in the RV for the ride.

As I parted through the awkward and inept crowd, again I noticed Mark sitting by himself in front of the television. His hand was still on his stomach and I assumed he was ill. I brushed his shoulder and told him if he was sick he could sleep on my bench seat since I was leaving. He shook his head slightly and smiled as he looked up at me.

“Actually if the noise is too much for you Mark, don’t be afraid to take a nap back in the master cabin. There’s plenty of room there.”

“Thanks Cara but I should be okay, probably just the bumps in the road.”

I smiled as I walked to the very back of the RV, past the other cabin and the neighboring cuby beds. I immediately noticed how much quieter it was back in the master cabin. When I shut the door, it was almost silent. All I could hear was the gentle hum of the engine as I lay on my left side curled up on the bed. I didn’t even bother to change out of my clothes as I slowly drifted off to sleep.

At one point, Mark decided to come back to the cabin for a blanket when he opened the door. I squinted as I peeked over and saw him shuffling around for something. Suddenly he looked up at me on the bed and seemed to be transfixed on something. I couldn’t tell what he was looking at from where I was because my hips and backside were crowding my vision. Suddenly I realized what he had seen. In my ill attempt to cover up, I must have been displaying my ass for anyone to see. My bottom was facing the doorway and my skirt was riding up, leaving my red thong for anyone to see. As I lifted my head to see if he was in fact staring at my thong, I noticed he reached down to his crotch. It was terribly noticeable to me. He was rubing his crotch as he stared and I could tell he must have been sporting a massive erection. As I moved to adjust myself, I must have scared him when he dropped to his knees. He scrounged around the floor looking for a blanket when he finally found one. I slowly but strategically shifted my body so I could lie on my backside, stealing the shot of my ass away. Mark eventually walked out as I again drifted off to sleep.

Several hours later, I awoke to hear the cabin door open again. It was Mark and I could see he was clutching his stomach. I felt really bad for him because I could still hear the guys and girls in the front passenger area talking and flirting with each other. I guess he must have had enough of it. He desperately needed someplace quiet to sleep so I assumed this was his only option. I lifted my head off the bed and motioned for Mark.

“Hey is your stomach still bothering you?”

“Yeah it is. I guess I just need to lie down and rest. I would sleep in the smaller cabin but your mom is in there.”

“Well make yourself comfortable, it’s a big bed.”

As he got into bed, I rolled over on my left side again as he scooted next to me. He flung his feet down first and kept his head at the foot of the bed. I assumed he did this in an effort to make it less awkward for me. He was so sweet and thoughtful. I could care less though if he slept next to me. Rber I do have six to seven guys on my cheerleading squad. I’m not shy by any means.

“Mark don’t be silly, I don’t care if you sleep next to me. Actually I’d rather not have your smelly feet in my face.”

He laughed for a bit as he readjusted himself and lay right behind me. His body mirrored mine and I could feel his breath on my neck. It was warm and kind of soothing. We small talked for a bit before I finally fell asleep again.

As the hours dwindled by, I woke up to a strange feeling. I could tell it was much later in the night as the sounds of the guys and the girls in the front passenger area grew much quieter. As I lay on my side, I felt something poking me in the back. I lifted my head up and looked back to see that Mark was asleep. He was almost spooning me as he sleep several inches away. I checked to see if he left a remote control or a cellular phone between us but couldn’t find one. When Mark shifted in his sleep I felt the nudge grow more intense. Suddenly I realized Mark probably had a huge erection in his pants. I lifted my hand to my mouth and chuckled for a brief moment. It was kind of hilarious to me and I felt almost sympathetic for him. I could feel it push right into my spine as it shoved into me. I pushed against it to see if he would awaken but he didn’t. It was incredibly rock hard and I could only imagine what he was dreaming of. Suddenly I heard him say something in his sleep. He was muttering words that I could barely comprehend. His speech was sloppy and sporadic as he slept and spoke at the same time. To my surprise I heard him softly sputter, “Oh Cara, oh Cara.” I was shocked! My mouth dropped open and my heart started to race. Did I really catch him having a dream about me? Was he really getting a hard on from a dream about him and me? Wow I was so surprised by this. I didn’t know how to react so I just lay there as I listened to the words drift from his lips. Finally after almost a half an hour I felt him wake up behind me. His lips clamored together and slightly smacked as I felt the weight of him shift in the bed. As I lay there in the dark, I heard him quietly say to himself,

“Wow what a dream. Gosh I need to get my emotions in check.”

While I lay there, snooping on the conversation he was having with himself I could sense he was checking if I was awake. I felt him abruptly shift his pelvis away from me, most likely because he noticed his erection. Then I heard him talk again.

“Gosh she’s gorgeous. Oh my goodness her legs look amazing. They are so rich and tan.”

A huge smile grew across my face. I couldn’t believe I was actually eavesdropping on Mark like this. I could see in the window’s reflection next to me that he had propped himself up on one arm as he lay on his left side next to me. His eyes were wandering across my legs as he stared for several minutes. As I looked at the reflection of him, I noticed he leaned over to smell my hair, which was draped along my back. It was long with a mild chestnut color. As he took a deep whiff of my coconut-scented hair he said softly,

“She smells so sweet. Goodness she’s just incredible.”

I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. He wasn’t trying to impress me or say things to me to grab my attention. These were his true feelings and he obliviously thought he was sharing them with only himself. Suddenly he leaned in again and this time looked down at my face. I squinted in an effort to hide my eyes as I watched him gaze down at me. Again he uttered under his breath, “She is so beautiful and I just can’t get past it. Wow.”

His eyes shifted back toward my legs as he reached up and hovered his hand above my right thigh. Dangerously he dropped his hand on my leg. I felt the heat from his fingers radiate across my thigh. It was incredibly sensual. His hand slowly drifted down my leg and across the side of my calf as he felt the smoothness and softness of my skin. His hands gracefully glided back up the backside of my calf muscle and up the back of my leg. His hand was large as I felt it travel across my hamstring and back up to my thigh. Gracefully he massaged my leg before guiding his hand near my inner thigh. I felt him caress my leg for several seconds before it drifted up underneath my skirt. His fingers traveled extremely close to my pelvic bone as I felt the heat of his fingers kiss my opening. He mingled in the area a moment before leaning in again to check if I had awoken. Again his hand glided down my leg and back around to the back of my knee. Quietly he lifted my skirt up and gazed at my buttocks. I could hear him swallow and slowly let out the words, “Oh gosh.”

I felt the backside of my skirt lift up higher, as he looked closer at my red thong panties. His hand returned to my thigh and traveled up under my skirt and across my ass. He was totally feeling me up as I slept. To my surprise I was deeply aroused and enjoying it immensely. As he navigated his hand across my backside, I felt his other hand slightly reach over and caress my ass. I tried desperately to mask my pleasure but my body battled against me. My labia were throbing at this point and I could feel my clitoris pulsate as the juices started to drift within my slit. I mistakenly moaned out to his surprise.

Mark was starting to get more brazen as I felt his right hand travel across my leg and up past my skirt to my stomach. His body scooted down to the bed as I noticed him move up against me. He was mirroring my backside as he caressed my tight chiseled stomach. Suddenly I felt his hips start to gyrate as a hard object poked me along the top of my ass. I knew it! He was slightly attempting to dry hump me. His cock was engulfed with blood and swollen to its most severe state. He was completely turned on and couldn’t contain his arousal. I felt him slowly start to dry hump my ass as his hips jolted forward and back slightly. When I moved just barely I felt him stop and wait as he checked if I was asleep. Finally as he started to move against my bare ass, I softly said,

“Don’t stop there Mark, I want more.”

He jolted from fright when he realized I was aware of his little feat.

“Oh gosh I’m sorry Cara. Really I’m really sorry.”

“What’s to be sorry for Mark?”

“I mean I should never had done that, I’m sorry I lost control.”

“Mark don’t you think a brave, strong man like yourself deserves a reward for saving a defenseless woman like myself from that big bad trucker?”


“Who knows what could have happened. What if I had gone into his truck and let him fuck me?”

“Cara, wait what are you talking about?”

“Ha-ha, Mark I’m a very sexual person you know. Why don’t you keep going and pretend like I’m asleep.”

As I said this I felt him grab me by the shoulder and pull me down against the bed. I looked up into his beautiful green eyes as he stared into mine.

“Cara I care so much about you. I could never just treat you like an object. I’m sorry that I let my emotions get the best of me. That’s really not like me. It’s just that you are so incredibly gorgeous. Your hair smelled incredible and your skin looked so soft. Sorry, I didn’t mean to treat you like an object…”

Before he could finish I grabed his head and pulled his lips against mine. I felt the cool sensation of his mouth as it glided across my full lips. His face pressed firmly against mine as his tongue navigated into my mouth and explored its wondrous cavern. Our tongues crashed together and danced sensually as we let our passions consume us. I have never felt such a connection with someone so quickly and deeply. Even though he was barely nineteen and I was twenty-two, I knew our hearts were matched.

Finally after several minutes of locking our mouths against one another I pushed against his massive chest and climbed on top of him. My left hand tickled his chest as it frolicked down to his waist. I lifted his shirt back and saw his luscious abdominals underneath. They were rock hard and chiseled to no end. I could see his body jolt as I massaged his stomach lightly. Finally without noticed, I gripped his pants and slowly started unbuttoning them. All he could do was repeat over and over, “Oh man, oh man.”

When I got to the lowest button I tore his pants open and saw his dick hiding just underneath a thin layer of flannel. I reached into the opening of his boxer shorts and took hold of his massive cock. As I stroked it in my hand, I could feel it throb between my fingers. Any motion, no matter how slight it was, sent his body into involuntary quivers. His eyes rolled back and his body turned to mush as I glided my hand up and down him. I could see the top of his penis stretch and grow to the point that it was shining like the stars in the sky. The skin glistened and grew a darker and darker blue as I ran my hand up and down his cock, stroking it with such intensity. As he moaned out in pleasure, I leaned down and pulled my hair behind my shoulder. My mouth gaped open and wrapped widely around the growing beast. As the soft sensation of my tongue greeted his penis, I heard a loud gasp escape out of Mark’s mouth. I quickly reached up and pushed my hand over his mouth. As I sucked his cock with such fervor, I could feel hot breaths of air drift from his lips. My head bobed up and down for minutes as I tasted the salt and sweat from his cock. His dick had grown so hard and thick that my very lips were stretched to their full potential.

As I pumped his dick in my mouth, the door burst open suddenly as my mother came in to check on me.

“Oh my! Cara sweetie.”

She quickly shut the door behind her as I took hold of Mark’s rock hard cock in my hand and pumped it feverously. In my wild sensual state I couldn’t stop myself from pleasing Mark. He just lay there with his eyes wide open as my mom walked over to us. She was shocked to see us there, engaged in such a sexual manner.

You never guess but she was very adventurous herself and seemed to be kind of surprised by my behavior. She was such a sexual person and all of my dad’s friends envied him for it. Although she was forty-one years old she didn’t look it. Due to my father’s new found mid life crisis, my mother opted to get her breasts augmented. She went from a small B cup to a large Double D. It was unavoidable and so noticeable to my father’s friends and Brad’s friends. I must have overheard them a million times refer to my mother as a M.I.L.F. She had straight honey colored hair, gorgeous brown eyes, a wickedly white smile and beautiful breasts. Her ass was tight and her legs were as long and golden as mine. Her stomach was so firm and sculpted from her training sessions at the gym that you would guess she had work done. All the men in town wanted her and my dad was the lucky one who actually got to hoard her.

“Mrs. Beckett!” was all Mark could get out.

“Mom what are you doing here?”

“I came to check on you and now I’m glad I did.”

In my barrassment I took my hand off of Mark as his erection stood high into the air.”

“Sweetheart now is that the way to treat your brother’s friends?”

As I started to hang my head down in shame, she leaned over on the bed and grabed Mark’s cock. Without even flinching she wrapped her gorgeous lips around it and started bobing her head up and down. Finally after seconds, she pumped his cock passionately and looked over at me as she smiled. “I always thought you were the most gorgeous one Mark.”


“What sweetheart? I haven’t seen a dick like that since before I met your father.”

“I can’t believe you just did that!”

“Well I won’t tell Trevor if you don’t tell your father?”

“Just shut the door would you and make sure it’s locked.”

As she walked out of the door I saw her wink at Mark as he stared like a deer in headlights. When I heard it click to a locked state, I turned back down toward Mark and shoved my mouth around his throbing cock. I sucked it with such intensity that he couldn’t help but groan out in ecstasy. After several minutes of bobing my head up and down on him, he said, “Now why don’t you let me return the favor?”

He lifted me up in the air and tossed me on my back as I plummeted onto the soft comforter beneath me. I felt his hands grab my ankles as he pushed my legs apart. As they grew further and further open, I felt his hands slide closer and closer to my opening. Suddenly I felt his tongue tickle the top of my slit. The fluids from his lips drifted inside me as I felt him nuzzle his nose across the hairless patch above. As his tongued delicately tasted the inside of my hole I shivered in suspense. I felt waves of heat radiate between my legs as my clitoris started to throb. I could feel his tongue exploring my deep glorious hole as he lifted every frail fold inside me. His lips crowded around the button just inside me pussy. They tightened as his tongue sucked on it with such a soft intensity. As cars whizzed past the roaring RV, my moans danced in the moonlight as I heard gentle slurps from Mark echo into the night. Finally, before I could almost not take anymore, I grabed him by his temples and pulled him up towards my face.

“Mark I want you badly, give it to me baby.”

I saw the desire in his stare and could see his desperation as he took hold of his cock and placed it across my slit. Slowly I felt the bulb of his penis dip into my vagina ever so slightly. As I watched his eyes focus on his mber, I felt the head disappear inside as my labia stretched around his throbing cock. In such a teasing fashion, he pushed into me slowly, causing every inch of him to sensually push inside. After what seemed to be seconds, his dick was finally immersed inside of me and tapping the wall of my cervix. As he slowly moved his hips back and pulled himself out of me slowly, I could feel every morsel of his penis slide across a river of my tempered juices. The feeling was incredible. He was so sensitive and romantic, allowing me to feel every inch of his massive mber. He treated me with such care and sensitivity that it drove my heart wild. My body was quivering and I was on the brink of orgasm as he continued to tease me.

Finally I reached up and grabed his shirt as I said, “Give it to me baby.”

He smiled slightly as I felt his throbing cock drive into me with massive force. He started to pump me wildly as his hips smacked into my pelvis. The noise of our lovemaking was luckily hidden by the noise of the highway and the sound of voices echoing from the passenger compartment. Mark became a wild beast as he unmercifully ravaged my pussy. His hips drove his dick further and further into me. My body violently jerked and rocked as he fucked me like a desperate virgin would. I felt his hands reach up to my stomach and caress it as his hips danced along my body. His palms were warm and radiated heat and passion as he fucked me under the moonlight. I felt his fingers wrap around my breasts and pull them out from underneath my tank top. My sweater was still on, causing me to sweat from the friction of sex. Finally he reached down, unzipped my sweater and tore if from my body. His hands clutched my massive breasts again as he started to grunt from the power of his thrusts. I have never been fucked so intensely in my whole life. Trevor could never match the sensuality and passion that Mark was displaying. I’ve never had someone enjoy my body as much as Mark has. His hands navigated across my golden, honey-toned skin while he fucked me incessantly.

“Mark please do me from behind, I want to take it all baby.”

“You like anal Cara?”

I didn’t know what to say? I hadn’t meant that. I wanted him doggy style but I couldn’t tell him. The look on his face was priceless. I could see his animal instinct emerge and I knew I couldn’t retract what he thought I had meant. Suddenly he jumped off the bed and flipped me over to my stomach. His strong hands clutched my hips as he pulled me toward the edge. I felt his left hand stretch out across my lower back as his right hand stretched my ass cheeks apart. I felt two of his fingers push into my pussy and another digit glide into my ass. Even though his fingers were much smaller than his dick it still was shocking. I only attempted to have anal sex with Trevor once and it didn’t go to well. Mark was so sensual though and his passion drove me absolutely wild. His desire was so addicting and I was becoming fanatical. I couldn’t deprive him of any pleasure so I smiled and braced the moment. After pumping his hand into me for several seconds I felt it move over to his cock. The head of his penis pushed into my asshole as his hips nudged forward. I felt the opening of me slowly grow around his cock as it pushed in deeper. The heat was unexpected and the size of him was so much more evident in such a smaller opening. His left hand rubed my lower back as his right hand navigated underneath my stomach. As he started to massage my waist, I felt his cock pull out and then push back in, only further. He was so sweet as he chose to let my asshole slowly grow around his throbing penis. Finally when my ass was acclimated around him, he started to drive in and out of me more and more rapidly. Within minutes I felt his balls slapping the lips of my vagina as he slammed into me from behind. He was so tall that he kept me bent over on all fours along the bed as he mercilessly fucked me from behind.

I couldn’t control it any more as waves and waves of cum erupted inside of me. It was such an emotional moment that I had tears in my eyes. I literally felt his love consume me. I knew my relationship with Trevor was over now. I realized Mark was my new love.

“Cara can I cum inside of you baby?”

“Uh uh uh uh.” Was all I could say? I would never have expected it to feel so good. I felt his cock utterly fill my inside, as it’s warm exterior rubed against the sensitive walls of pink flesh. His hands were clutching my breasts as he rode me from behind. He didn’t take any part of me for granted and explored my body like there would never be another opportunity.

“Cara let me cum inside of you please.”

“Do it baby, fill me completely.”

He yelled out in pleasure, not even attempting to hide his elation. Bursts and bursts of semen shot into me with blistering speed. I felt ropes and ropes of hot cum traverse my insides, slamming into my cervix and then ricocheting back out around his withering penis. Finally after what seemed to be minutes, he pulled his half erect penis from my pussy and crashed along the bed. I turned him over and said, “Let me kiss you again before I clean you up.”

As he kissed my soft delicate lips, I pulled away and bent down as I took hold of his mber with my mouth. I licked every inch of him clean as his body shivered and jolted involuntarily. Eventually he pulled my panties back into place and straightened my top and skirt. I zipped his pants up and put my head on his chest, smiling my self to sleep. Maybe this time his dreams would be even better.

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