Lesbian First Time

A hot PE teacher seduces pupil

I’m really good friends with my PE teaching assistant. She helps our main teacher, and she’s really kind and nice to everyone. I only just met her in Year 9 when she joined the school as a teacher. I do a lot of after school sports, and she runs the running class.

One day, after school, after the running class, I put all the equipment away and so I was the only one getting changed, because I was last to come in. When I pulled my top off,

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She smiled and said, ‘Well done, you did really well today,’ and then patted me on the back, where my bra strap was.

‘Oh, your bra has come undone,’ She said, and I think she undid it, and then put it back again. She turned me around and cupped my breasts in the bra and said, ‘Yeah, that’s a good fit.’

She looked at her watch and explained she needed to lock up soon and said it’d be quicker if she helped me get changed. I didn’t know what to do, as I was just confused. She was my PE teacher, but my friend too, so she was just simply helping me, wasn’t she? She pulled my top off and helped me into my school blouse and then slid my shorts down and her hand slowly brushed my bum as she helped me into my skirt. She smiled and said, ‘right, all done,’ then I went home, feeling weird.

I’d only ever had one boyfriend, and we just hugged, nothing else. I didn’t fancy him much to be honest. I have a best friend, who’s called Jackie and I do have a bit of a crush on her. I was starting to think I was a lesbian.

The next day, I went to the changing rooms for running club, and, again, I was the last to get changed. My PE teacher, the assistant, stood next to me and took her top and shorts off, leaving her in her bra and knickers. She smiled at me.

‘I have to get changed too,’ she said.

I felt a bit self conscious as I also took off my top and shorts. I felt her eyes looking at me, and didn’t really feel scrutinised. It wasn’t wrong, was it? She slowly moved towards me, and then took her bra off, revealing her breasts. I stared at them. I had a slight tingling sensation down below, did that mean I liked it?

She grinned and said, ‘Do you like them?’

I nodded, spellbound.

‘You can touch them if you like,’ She said, thrusting her breasts forwards.

My hands reached out and squeezed them, feeling their plumpness, and caressing her nipples. I heard her moan slightly.

‘Lets see yours now,’ She grinned, and undid my bra before I could stop her. It fell to the floor and my breasts were revealed.

She felt all around them, pressing the nipples, squeezing them, rubing them. I smiled.

‘Close your eyes,’ She instructed, and I did obediently. When I opened them again, she was sat on the floor, her knickers by her feet, and her legs spread wide open, revealing a juicy, plump, fresh pussy. I stared at it, glistening under the changing room lights.

She pushed a finger inside it, and then out again, and licked it slowly. She closed her eyes and moaned.

‘Come here,’ She beckoned me forwards, and I knelt down beside her, and she grabed my hair and forced my head in between her legs. I smelt her pussy, and I stuck out my tongue and plunged it inside. She moaned loudly, and I stuck one finger inside, then two, three…four, and then a whole fist, going in and out her tight, wet pussy. She moaned my name, screaming.

‘Oh…yeah…Jade…ooh…yeah, yeah, ohh…’ She cried, as my tongue once again skimmed over her pussy lips.

She came all over my face and I licked it off, and then sucked her huge breasts, and then she ripped my panties off, and quickly fisted my young, sweet pussy. Her tongue slithered deep inside, and she drank all my juices, and I came all over the floor. She licked it up greedily and smelt my pants and then licked them. She climbed on top of me, and pressed her pussy hard against my face. I obediently sucked it, rubed it, and played with her clit. She did the same to me, fisting me quickly again. She went to her bag and brought out a dildo. She strapped it on, and shoved it hard into my pussy. I screamed and moaned loudly, and louder, and she ripped it out of me and sucked all my juices from the end. I shoved it hard into her pussy, and pulled it in and out, in and out, until she came four times all over the floor, leaving a puddle, and together we licked it up. For the last time, her tongue plunged deeper into my pussy than it had ever gone before, and I moaned louder than ever. She grinned wickedly and then rubed my clit so hard and then sucked my breasts.

Once it was over, she smiled at me. ‘That was good exercise, wasn’t it?’

‘I suppose,’

‘Did you like it?’

‘Yeah,’ I grinned.

‘Well, next lesson, tomorrow, after school – and bring a friend,’

She winked at me, and rubed my clit one more time, and then kissed me, her tongue slithering down my throat. I grinned. ‘Tomorrow, then,’

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