Now that Barry had been completely and deeply humiliated, we felt that female superiority had been firmly established. I had witnessed his decline - from cute boyfriend to total cock-gobling slut. The problem was that I really was entertained by seeing him slurp on all those cocks - I feel vindicated. And I felt powerful. Watching Barry get force-gagged repeatedly with tons of cock had placed a strong desire within Jenna and myself. That desire was to simply see Barry suck more and more cock. The question was, how do we get Barry to cooperate?

Jenna, Sara and I went over to Barry's apartment. The rumor was that Barry had not left his apartment for a few weeks. When Barry opened the door to his apartment, he looked genuinely shocked to see us. We told him that there was an issue that needed to be addressed. He placed his hands on his hips and glared but stood aside as we walked into his apartment. Barry told us how he was now taking medication to help him deal with his mind-blowing humiliation. This intrigued us, so I asked to see his medication. He gave me the pill bottle and it said Risperidone on it. I noticed that the instructions said for him to take one by mouth every morning. I asked Barry if he had taken his pills that morning. In a matter-of-fact manner, he said that he had. I took two more pills out of the jar and handed them to Barry. I ordered for him to take them. Barry looked at me with a dumb-founded look for a second and then quickly took the additional pills. It was then that I knew, he was like putty in our hands. Jenna and I looked at each other with amazement. Jenna commanded Barry to strip off all of his clothing except his panties. To our surprise, Barry immediately complied. It was sooooo cute! Barry's panties were purple silk thong with white ruffled edging and a little white bow in the front - extremely effeminate. We just could resist it, each of us had to deliver lengthy and firm over-the-knee spankings on Barry. I was a little surprised to see him being so submissive to us. But I have to admit, it was really fun. I can tell you one thing for certain...once you have Barry fully submit to a want him to submit to other things. So, us three girls started making plans on an elaborate submission session for Barry.

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The session with Barry started with us three girls taking Barry lingerie shopping. We were looking for a bra and panty set that would be adorable. What we found was a bra, thong, and garter belt set that was pink lace. We took Barry back to my place and he dressed in that coordinate set. He was adorable in that thong and garter belt with stockings. Without even asking him, Barry just bent over a large chair in my apartment - assuming the spanking position. Jenna, Sara, and I responded by rocking Barry's little world. We spanked him good and firm for a very long time. It was total female domination!

After about 10 minutes, there was a knock at my door. It was all those guys from the Fraternity that we had called. Initially it was only 11 guys that came over. Each guy was given specific instruction to throat bang Barry like the cock-whore that he is. It was different than before because Barry was begging for more cock to suck. In between each cock, he would say through clenched teeth, "I wanna suck more cock...fuck my face hard." By the time the 11th guy was pumping Barry's face, 7 additional guys showed up. After about 2 hours, Barry had been deep throated by all 18 guys. I could tell he was exhausted, but that did not keep him from asking for more cock. Six of the guys obliged Barry and fucked his throat a second time. When they were all finished, Barry had serviced 24 throbing cocks. Us girls were pleasantly surprised. Barry smelled strongly like a cum-factory. He swallowed on many of those guys and never vomited once.

After all of those guys left. Barry immediately went back to the spanking position. So we spanked him again.

The next phase of the session entailed 10 creme pies that we had purchased earlier. We took Barry outside in his lingerie. Then each of us took a couple creme pies and took turns splatting those pies right in Barry's face. He took each pie directly in the face like a real trooper. Barry was a complete whip creme mess. It was hilarious!

Jenna, Sara and I looked at each other and just laughed and laughed. Putting Barry in sexy lingerie, spanking him silly, having him get cock-gagged, and delivering creme pies to his face was great fun. We three girls had discovered a new favorite weekend activity and we fully plan to practice it routinely. We told Barry that and he has consented.

I absolutely love the feeling of power I get from turning Barry into a cock-whore.

I can't wait to see what we decide to do with him next...

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