The Farmer's Wife

A Sexy Farmers Wife Gets The Sexual Healing She Needs From a Handsome Stranger

I made sure when I left on this business trip that I had plenty of time so I wouldn't have to break my neck getting to my destination. I'd decided to drive so I could see part of the country I'd never see flying overhead. Things were going along well when my car started to spit and sputter, coming to halt in the middle of nowhere. I got out and opened the hood, taking a look inside.

I don't know why, there's not going to be an arrow or a flashing light pointing to the problem. As I closed the hood in disgust, a farmer came driving up slowly on his tractor. He introduced himself as Jacob and asked if he could be of help. He looked under the hood as well, but nothing jumped out at him. Not seeing anything he hooked my car up to his tractor and towed me to his farm house just up the road, where I could call for a tow truck.

As we rode to the house, I couldn't help but notice Jacob's weathered face from working outdoors all his life. His hands looked like they were made of iron, big and powerful from years of manual labor. Once there, Jacob invited me inside and showed me where the phone was. I was told it would be a good hour or longer before the tow truck would be out, so Jacob offered to let me wait. As I sat at the kitchen table, I suddenly heard the sweetest voice saying,

"Jacob, you didn't tell me we had company!"

"His car broke down and he's wait'n for a tow truck."

"Make us sandwich, I imagine this here fella is hungry."

I looked up to see Jacob's wife smiling at me. Her names was Elly, she had on a tattered old house dress, and no make up, but she had this natural beauty about her. Elly's skin looked so soft, and her hair shimmered in the sunlight as it came in through the kitchen window. Just looking at her made my loins start to tingle. Looking into her eyes I could feel a connection of some sort. Her eyes seemed to smile at me as she put my sandwich on the table. As we ate, I told them I was on my way to Kansas City on business. Jacob said that there was a hotel in town where I could stay.

Elly said, "Jacob, the hotel burned down last month...rber?"

"Can't he stay in our spare room upstairs?"

Jacob was none to keen on that idea, he was sure the tow truck driver could get me on my way. Finally, the tow truck driver pulled up. After tinkering around for about twenty minutes, he said he'd have to tow my car to the garage in town, and they'd have to look at it. I told him I had to be in Kansas City by the end of the week, and he assured me that it would be no problem. As I watched him drive off with my car in tow, I heard Elly say,

"Well Jacob, are you going to let him use the spare room, or make him sleep outside?"

Jacob seemed undecided, so I said,

"Look Jacob, lets see if we can't reach an agreement."

Jacob told Elly to leave and let us talk. I told Jacob that I didn't want to sleep in the barn, and I'd pay him fifty dollars a night for the room. Jacob thought for a moment and said,

"Seventy five and you got a room Mister."

"Seventy Five it is Jacob."

"By the way, my name is Jeff."

Jacob's eyes narrowed as he said, "Now there's one more thing."

"What's that Jacob?"

"I have ta leave on personal family business, and I won't be back for a week."

"I 'spect you ta keep yer hands off my wife...ya understand."

" insult my integrity!"

"Jus' so's you know I 'spect no monkey business."

We went back inside and Jacob went upstairs to get ready to leave. Elly and I sat in the parlor and had some coffee. Jacob came down with his suitcase and said,

"Mber what I told ya son."

"I rber Jacob."

Elly looked at the two of us and said,

"Rber what Jacob?"

"That's our business, you just mind yours."

Then he kissed Elly on the cheek and left. Elly waited till he drove off and then she wiped her cheek mumbling under her breath. She looked up and apologized for mumbling, asking me what Jacob had meant. I told her not to worry about it; it was nothing. Elly and I talked most of the afternoon, she seemed starved for someone to talk to. At around four, Elly told me to get my things and she'd show me to the upstairs room. I watched her as she walked up the stairs, her sexy ass swaying from side to side as she took each step. She wasn't trying to be seductive, but it made my cock start to swell.

By the time we had reached the top of the stairs, my erection was rock hard, and not hard to miss. Elly opened the door to show me into the bedroom, and she got an eyeful. My heart was pounding, hoping that she wouldn't be offended by the sight of my hard-on, or worse, ask me to leave. I was so relieved as a sly smile graced her lips and her face turned a little red. I could tell she was enjoying the sight. I didn't say anything, I just went in the room and put my things on the bed. Elly excused herself, saying she needed to start dinner. While she prepared dinner, I took a shower and shaved.

Elly called me to dinner about forty-five minutes later. As I walked into the kitchen, she had her back to me, but she had put on a different dress. Probably the best one she owned from the looks of it. When she turned around, I saw that she had put on make-up. She looked even more radiant than ever. I complimented her on how attractive she looked. She smiled brightly, saying she never heard things like that anymore. I told her she should, because she looked fantastic. The dinner was great....not only was she sexy and beautiful, she was a great cook. I kept thinking what a dumb bastard Jacob was to let a woman like this go to waste. But...not anymore if I had a say in it.

Elly started to clear the table putting the dishes in the sink, when I put my hand on her wrist telling her they could wait. She looked at my hand, and then she looked up into my eyes. Just as I was about to make my move a sudden thunderstorm came up, knocking out the lights. Elly went and got two large candles and lit them. When she turned around, the candlelight shown in her hair....damn she was sexy. I stepped forward again, as Elly leaned back against the counter. I placed my hand on her cheek, as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. I caressed her soft cheek, slowly moving my hand down to her long sexy neck.

Her nipples were like small pebles, pushing against the fabric of her dress. I lightly placed my lips against hers as I continued my caresses. Her breath was so sweet, as our kiss started getting a little more passionate. All of a sudden I felt Elly relax, and her tongue slipped between my lips, and now we were in a passionate kiss, our tongues caressing and exploring as we kissed.

Elly pushed me back and I was worried it was over, that it had been just a fleeting moment of passion, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Elly, her fingers trbling started to slowly unbutton the front of her dress. My cock started to pulse as I watched her unbutton one button at a time, slowly revealing her sexy lace bra, and those beautiful full breasts that were there for the taking.

It seemed like she was taking forever, but finally she unbuttoned the last button. Then her hands fell to her sides and that sultry smile was back. It was her way of telling me to come to her. I reached up and pushed her dress off of her shoulders, looking at her breasts, and the rest of her sexy body as it came into view. I was surprised and turned on when I saw that she was wearing matching lace panties, and a garter belt and nylons.

"Do you like it?" she asked.

"You look beautiful, absolutely beautiful Elly."

She looked at the floor and said,

"I went into the big city once with Jacob, and when he was talking to the man in the Sears hardware department, I snuck into the catalog department and ordered them, and had them sent to my sister in the next town over."

"She brought me the package when Jacob wasn't here."

"Sometimes when he's out working, I put them on and look in the mirror and...and...."

"And what Elly?"

"You'll think I'm sick or something."

"No, way."

"Well, I put then on and look in a mirror and then I start to pretend about a handsome man making love to me, and well I touch myself till...well you know."

Unbelievable, I thought to myself.

"Elly, that's not sick, that's called a fantasy, and it's not sick to fantasize and pleasure yourself."

I was done talking, I took Elly into my arms and started kissing her and caressing her soft curvaceous body as she responded like the sexually repressed woman that she unfortunately was. I unhooked her bra freeing her gorgeous breasts, taking them in my hands and caressing them and sucking her nipples. Elly was so turned on that she started cumming almost as soon as my lips touched her nipples.

I whispered to her, "Touch yourself...I want to watch."

Elly's fingers trbled as she cupped her breasts in her hands, and gently squeezed them.

"That's it Elly, keep look so damn beautiful."

Elly smiled, excited by the fact that someone was actually paying attention to her. Then she got a little gleam in her eye saying,

"You know...I wouldn't mind you touching yourself while you watch me....seems only fair."

I smiled and took off my clothes, taking my rock hard cock in my hand. Elly gasped as she watched me slowly stroking my cock. It was obvious she'd never seen Jacob do anything like that. As she watched me, Elly started tugging at her nipples, rolling them between her thumb and forefinger, her arousal building by the second. I watched as her hand moved down her flat stomach, hooking her thumbs in her lace panties and pulling them off. Elly's fingers slid through her thick bush, as she closed her eyes....her body shuddering when her finger moved across her clit.

"That's it look so damn hot and that pussy for me."

Elly smiled, she'd never heard words like that from a man before. Elly parted her folds with her finger, moving her middle finger back and forth over her sex.

"Is your pussy nice and wet Elly?"

"Oh feel so good."

"Taste it....taste your juices Elly."

Elly raised her finger to her lips and tasted her sex, cooing as she sucked her juices from her finger. After a moment or two, I lifted Elly onto the counter top, and told her to make herself cum....I wanted to watch. Elly hopped up on the counter, holding onto the side of the cupboard as she worked her fingers into her pussy. Elly was soon cumming, moaning and gasping as the orgasms washed over her.

I moved between Elly's legs as she sat on the counter, kissing her inner thighs working my way toward her pussy. The aroma of her sex was making me drunk with lust for this beautiful country woman. Her pussy hair felt like velvet as it caressed my cheek, as I teased her with my tongue. The moment my tongue touched her pussy lips, Elly gasped and started cumming...her entire body quaked with one hell of a powerful orgasm. I raised up and Elly looked concerned.

"Are you OK Elly?"

"Yes...oh yes."

"It's just that I've never been kissed down there."

"Jacob has never ever kissed you there?"

"Oh heavens no...I wouldn't even dare ask him to, even though I've always wondered what it would feel like...I just couldn't ask him."

"Forget about him Elly."

"Does it feel good?"


"Well then."

With her legs parted wide, I pulled her to the edge of the counter. Then I proceeded to explore every nook and cranny of this woman's pussy again. Elly squeezed her tits and nipples as I licked, kissed and sucked her pussy lips, bringing her to a series of what seemed to be non-stop orgasms. She was moaning and pushing my head into her crotch with her hands as she rode my face. I took her engorged clit into my mouth and Elly came even harder yet.

I wanted to fuck Elly more than any woman I'd ever met. I slowly eased my cock into her pussy....she was so tight it was unreal. I started pumping her hot cunt for all I was worth. Elly moaned and rubed her clit as I pounded her pussy as hard as I could. I grabed her in my arms and lifted her up off that counter, holding her ass in my hands, and slipping my middle finger between her cheeks, and gently penetrating her asshole. She let out a scream that nearly blew out my eardrum, as she started cumming again. Elly recovered and suggested we go up to the bedroom. Once we were in the room Elly said,

"I want to see your know....touch it....see what it tastes like."

I was a little surprised she had that word in her vocabulary, but it was cool too. I told her to do anything she wanted, it was fine with me. She held my cock in her hands like it was fine china. I told her she didn't have to be so wouldn't break. She laughed and leaned over and took me in her mouth. I sat on the edge of the bed, my legs spread wide as Elly knelt down between them. She took my cock in her hands and started swirling her tongue around my cock head. Then she started licking my cock from the head down to my balls.

It didn't take her long to get into giving head, and soon she was deep throating me. Damn she was good. Elly sucked me to the edge and before I knew it I was pumping my load of cum down her throat. I asked her how she learned to do that. She got that sly grin again, and told me she practiced on a dildo she had hidden so Jacob wouldn't find it. She also had some sexy letters and magazines locked away too, and she'd read those letters and practiced on the dildo. Smart lady.

Elly showed me where she kept her stash. It was sad she had to resort to that, but then more power to her. I asked her if there was anything in those magazines she'd like to try with me? Elly nodded. She told me she wanted to try anal sex. I couldn't believe my ears, but I was more than happy to oblige. We started kissing and caressing again, when I rolled her over and started kissing my way down her spine. She loved that. Elly started gyrating her ass and moaning when my tongue found that dimple just above her ass crack.

It really got her going when I began running my tongue up and down her crack and squeezing, and slapping her ass cheeks. I slipped my tongue between her cheeks and I heard her gasp. I wondered if I'd gone to far, but when she reached back and parted her cheeks to give me better access I realized I should have known. I ran my tongue up and down her crack, listening to her moan and tell me how good it felt. But when I penetrated her asshole with my tongue there were just the sounds of her cumming.

Now I felt she was ready for my rejuvenated cock up her hot ass. I lubed it with some KY she had and slowly eased the head of my cock into her ass. Elly groaned, but she told me it felt better than she had imagined. Finally I was all the way in. I started pumping her hot ass slowly at first till she told me to do it harder. With Elly holding onto the bedposts I started slamming my cock into her ass. My balls were slapping against her cheeks as I pounded her ass. I decided to try something and I started slapping her ass as I pumped her. She loved it. Now I was slamming her ass with my cock and slapping her ass at the same time.

She reached back and was rubing her clit. I reached for the dildo she'd shown me and I handed her that. She slid that up her pussy and with my cock in her ass and that dildo in her pussy she was screaming into the pillow and cumming in clusters of powerful orgasms. Finally I couldn't hold back any longer and I pulled out and shot my load all over her ass. I massaged it in with the head of my cock, and then I licked up the left over cum. Elly turned around quickly telling me she wanted to taste my cum and we began kissing sharing the taste of the love juices.

Elly and I went in and took a long sexy shower together. I massaged her soapy breasts and nipples, and worked my half-hard cock between her sudsy ass cheeks. We went to bed and laid there in each others arms, talking about sex, and all the fun we can have. My car was ready the next day which I picked up, but I didn't leave town until I absolutely had no other choice. I spent a few more sex filled days and night with Elly before I left.

I told her if she ever left Jacob, or if she just needed to get away, to come and find me. I gave her my address and phone number to lock up in her private box. I've thought about her a lot since then, and someday I hope she shows up on my doorstep. But in the meantime, Elly called and said Jacob had to go take care of some more family business and he'd be gone for another week if I was interested in dropping by... Guess where I'm going!

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