Sister Watching

I walked up to the door and for the first time in my life, I was happy for my sister.

Growing up with a younger sister, I always found myself wanting to protect her. I guess that is what an older brother is for actually. She is only three years younger than me, but even when she was first born, I found myself wanting to make myself an attachment of her. I wanted her to be safe. I am now twenty-five, which makes her, of course, twenty-two, and I am still trying to always protect her. I guess that comes with our parents now being deceased, which is when her life actually changed.

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When she was eighteen, our parents died unexpectedly. There was no surprise to me that my sister was very close to me, but I really did not have any idea how close she was to our parents. I had moved out of the house when I was eighteen because I wanted the freedom and I was supported on that decision by my parents. My sister was fifteen at the time, so after I moved out, I never really saw how much she had interacted with mom and dad. However, I was always seeing my sister every afternoon, as I would go pick her up from school and take her home. I took my lunch hour from work late in the day just to do so.

I would pick her up from school and take her home, a now empty home, and see that she was settled. The first thing she did was hit the couch and turn the television on and begin watching only she knew what. I could tell that my sister had changed. She had become a recluse. From that day on, I vowed to take care of my sister.

Things have not changed since mom and dad died in that vehicle accident. My sister still sits at home, never wanting to leave or do anything. All she ever wants to do is just sit there on the couch in front of the television. I go there every day after work and check on her. When I get there around 5:30 in the afternoon, she is always in the same spot, never moves. Today, however, was different.

For the past years since the death of our parents, I have been doing the same routine. Today was no different. The only difference was when I pulled up to the house. This time when I did, there was a truck parked in the driveway. I figured that something had broken and my sister had called someone to fix whatever it was that was broken. That was not the case.

I walked up to the door and for the first time in my life, I was happy for my sister. I did not even have to go in to know what was happening inside. I could hear what was going on as I stood outside of the front door. Yet, I could not leave. I was mesmerized by the sounds I was hearing. I wondered, was that a good thing? But I still felt like I was protecting my sister.

I pondered peering into the front window to see what was happening and I thought that would not be a good thing. Someone could see me looking and call the authorities. I could not take that chance. So, I took my key out and slowly inserted it in the doors lock and turned carefully. Then I thought to myself, “what was I doing?” I was spying on my sister. This was incest essentially. Still, I was very curious of what was going on that I just could not leave. I began to think that I was a bad brother. But I still saw myself as protecting her.

The door opened slowly and I shut it just as quietly as I went inside. Not that it mattered much. With the sensual sounds my sister was making, there was no way she could have heard me walk inside. For once, I was glad that there was a walled partition separating the entrance way and the living room. I tiptoed to the edge of the partition and peered around it. That’s when I saw my sister. And it had been a very long time since I had seen her naked. I think the last time I saw my sister naked, we must have been 10 and 7 respectively.

I could not believe that I was being a voyeur and watching my sister. I knew it was not right, but I still felt like I was there to help make sure she was okay. She was more than okay. She was, well, how do I say this, enjoying herself. And I felt great about that. Truly great.

I knew that my sister had grown into a beautiful woman. I could see that. But I guess, I never really thought much about it since she was my sister. Seeing her pale shaved legs spread evenly over the edge of the couch, her ass on the edge of it, making her bare back lay on the cushions and her head just at the bottom of the back of the couch, made me realize just how much of a woman she had become. I could not see what was between her legs, for he was in between them, licking her, tasting her, and giving her pleasure. I could see her breasts however. They were firm and projected up, a sign she was aroused and in a state of euphoria. Not only were her breasts taut, but her nipples were erect, rising from the center mounds God had provided her.

She felt them occasionally with her fingers, letting her fingers softly touch them, rubing circles around her hard nipples, making even more moans escape her lips. I could tell that my sister was in her own little heaven as he kept the assault on what was between her legs. Then I he hit the good spot and she arched her body into the couch and pulled on her nipples with her thumb and index fingers with both hands. Not only pulled, but she squeezed them, making them turn blood red and stand up even more at an attentive state. There was even an “Oh God” that slowly exited her mouth. Yep, she was in her own heaven.

Then he stopped and moaned a sound of goodness and I saw my sister’s body go limp for a moment. I knew what had happened. She had an orgasm. A quiet orgasm. I surmised that when she whimpered, “Oh God,” that was what had happened and he was drinking the liquor that flowed from her sexual corridor.

He stood and pulled my sister up from the couch, making her stand on wobly legs. My sister’s body was so pale from not leaving the house, but it was a beautiful pale, a pale that actually accentuated her whole being. He moved around to her back, leaving me to finally see her in all her glory. My sister was a beautiful young woman I thought to myself. More beautiful than all the other women I had dated and been with. I stood, looking at my sister’s beautiful nude body. I closed my eyes for a second because I still thought it was wrong, but I had to look again. Sleek and slender, my sister had the body of a goddess. A pale goddess. She obviously kept up with the present time also. A present time where most women her age were groomed. Like most of the women I had seen and been with, my sister was completely smooth. That showed me that she was not the full recluse I thought her to be.

Her body, being the pale shade that it was, made three items jump out in true color; the pinkness between her legs and the crimson rigid circles on her upper torso. I only saw a slight shade of pink between her legs, however. God had made her body there form a perfect vertical slit, hiding natural lips that had to be spread apart to get into more easily. But I could see the slight pink and I could see the dampness linger there as she stood. It was glistening with desire.

I watched intently as he caressed her from the back, running his hand across her body, down her sides and up and over her firm protrusions, tweaking her hard nipples and making her moan a little more. Her breasts, now that she was standing, were perfectly formed and perky, standing out into the room without the least little bit of sagging. To say the least, they were perfect. Hell, I had to surmise that my sister was a perfect. All the while I still thought there was something wrong with me as I continued to watch. I just could not tear myself away from the view though. It was like a sensual porno I was watching, not a porno on the big screen where it was all about showing a big cock penetrate a tight pussy and then the guy pulling it out of her five minutes later and blasting baby batter all over her stomach or wherever he decided to aim. No, this was much more sensual. Much more meaningful. But still, it was my sister. I just kept saying to myself, I was protecting her as I watched.

He kept caressing her with his hands and tenderly he kissed the nape of her neck. She closed her eyes and arched her body into his. I watched as her knees began to quiver and she had trouble holding herself up. He was doing something right. Suddenly, she could not stand anymore and she fell to her knees. He did not go down with her. He stood behind her, his mber standing out, hard and long, as if it was fucking the air where he stood. In a natural response, my sister went on all fours and she was in prime position. He knew it also and he was more than ready. Before my sister could say anything or do anything, he made his move.

My sister felt him lower himself down to her level. I watched as he slowly lowered and set himself for what he was about to do. Down on his knees behind her, he placed his hands on her back, rubed circles in the small of it and then felt her smooth ass. His hands then ran lower and down between to where her gash was awaiting his entry. My sister raised her head and moaned a strong audible sigh as his fingers obviously found the spot on her that longed for attention. I knew what he was doing. He was caressing it, getting her place of entry ready for his hardness. And she was responding. I could read it on her face and tell she was getting ready for the sounds coming out of her mouth.

Suddenly, she yelped as his hands stayed between her thighs. I knew that he was spreading her perfectly formed crevice apart in order to expose the inlet that would enable him to enter her easily. She was plenty aroused, that was obvious, and I knew that when he made his move into her, she was going to enjoy every minute of it. For once, I was actually elated for her.

My sister never wavered or grimaced as he pushed into her. She only made a very soft, but audible “uuummmfff” as he slid into her and began to slowly move in and out. I watched my sister, as she moved to his rhythm, enjoy every second that he was inside her. I could tell that she was in a world of her own. Her expression and her body movements said it all.

He began to pound faster into my sister and she became more and more audible with each insertion he made into her. She was in the grasps of sexual elation and she was beginning to enter the throws of orgasm. I could tell easily. Her tones were coming quicker together and her expressions were those of a woman getting ready to explode. Plus, when she opened her mouth and told him she was almost there, that was a dead giveaway.

He did not miss a beat though. He kept his rhythm until he felt her body get rigid. And I could see her body go rigid and I knew my sister was about to orgasm. Sure enough, she let out a yelp, and then a long sexual sigh. It was evident that her body was in the process of releasing tension. And he felt it as well. He slowed his movement into her down to almost a crawl and let my sister’s orgasm go full-fledge until he knew it was over. Even I could tell when it was over and once it was, he entered her again, but slowly. I could see my sister was not expecting that and her body shivered as he entered her obviously wet pussy again. Her body was even more limp, but she took him again.

Now, he was getting more audible and being a man, I knew why. I could see on his face that he was getting close to exploding. Not only was he getting close, but I could tell my sister was getting close again. He still moved in and out of her, but now, it was a much slower pace. He was trying to feel her grip his hard cock even more and my sister was now breathing heavier and heavier. It was evident he wanted to wait until she climaxed again to unleash his on her. He wanted to time it right so that they both climaxed together.

And that is just what happened. As soon as my sister yelped that same yelp that triggered her second spasm, he pushed into her one last time, his eyes closed, his head tilted back, and his body began to convulse. He was dumping his liquid into her in spurts and I could tell that my sister could feel the ooze of his load inside her. She let out sighs with each volley that landed inside of her hot canal. Both of their eyes were closed as this was happening. They were both in the moment of sexual bliss.

When it was all over, he brought his head forward, stroked her on the back and on the ass, and then removed himself from her. As he did, I saw the droplets of sexual release drip from my sister and hit the floor. It was a mixture of her hot fluid mixed with his. As he stumbled to the couch and fell onto it, my sister stayed on all fours for a minute. I could tell that she was reeling in the afterglow. Then her eyes opened and peered in my direction. I did not know what to do. I was not sure if I should move or just continue standing where I was. So I just stood there. Then, my sister smiled as she looked at me. I knew that smile. I knew that meant she knew I was here the whole time. It was her way of letting me know she was safe. It was her way of letting me that she was not a recluse, but very much a woman of desire. I smiled back to her. From that day on, I never had to really protect her anymore. She had found the one that protected her most. I am sure he still stumbles to the couch every now and then.

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