My Niece, My Lover: Chapter Five

things are about to get interesting.

I fell asleep on my 16-year-old daughters bed after I seduced her. As I slept with Lydia in my arms, I dreamt how happy Annie, my 16-year-old niece, would be when I told her that we wouldn’t have to hide our love in the house and that I could share our love with my eldest daughter. My only worry was, what if Lydia was angry about my hidden relationship with her cousin?

During the morning fog I thought I was dreaming about someone sucking my hard cock. I opened my eyes and saw Lydia working my unit with her mouth. She looked up at me with her puppy dog eyes, opened her mouth and said, “Does it feel good daddy?”

“Yes it does Lydybug.”

“I really wanted to play again.”

Three times the night before and now my little angel is saying that she can’t get enough. It made me very happy that my baby loved to fuck. I told her to lay down on her back. I kneeled above her so she could continue her suck my cock, while I bent over and stuck my fingers into her sopping wet pussy.

Her moans were so load that neither of us heard the front door open and Annie running up the stairs. I have no idea how long she was there watching us, but she made her presence known when she yelled, “What the fuck!”

Knowing that she was watching was a real turn on. Lydia didn’t feel the same way. Instantly she let go of my cock, slid off the bed and ran out of the room. Annie, looked at me and said, “I’ll go talk to her Uncle Mark.”

She ran after her.

I stayed in Lydia’s room. I could hear Lydia crying. For the first time since I went down the path of incest I felt guilty. I didn’t want what happened between us to make her so upset. I wanted to find her. Hold her in my arms and tell her everything. However, I decided that I would let Annie talk to her first.

About 30 minutes later the crying stopped and then I heard nothing. At least with the crying I knew what was going on. The silence allowed my imagination to wander. After ten minutes of it, I decided to go and investigate. In the hallway I could hear noises coming from my room. I opened the closed door and found Annie and Lydia in the 69 position. Annie was on top. My penis started getting rock hard. They were too lost in their own world of pleasure that neither one noticed me standing there playing with my giant cock.

I coughed real loud.

No response.

I walked closer and stood less than a foot away and once again coughed real loud.

This time I got the response I was looking for when Annie looked-up and said, “Hi Uncle Mark.

She got off of Lydia, they both sat next to each other on the bed rubing their pussies. Annie said, “To make her feel better, I was telling her about us.”

They both giggled.

“And one thing led to another,” Lydia chimed in.

The both giggled again. Without asking both moved forward and started sucking my cock. Just watching my daughter and niece giving me a blowjo was getting me excited. The pre-cum was starting to leak out. Annie rubed it onto her lips, stood-up, kissed me and let me taste it. She then said, “I want to watch you fuck your daughter.”

She put Lydia on all fours. Got on her knees. Put my dick in her mouth. Got it all wet. A couple minutes later, she stood-up, grabed a hold of my cock and guided it into my daughter’s pussy. The moment it went in, Lydia started moaning like crazy. Annie looked jealous as she got on all fours our right. I wonder if she was upset because I chose to fuck my daughter first. To satiate her I put my fingers into my mouth then thrusted them right into her pussy.

Both girls were moaning.

I looked over at Annie and desperately wanted to fuck her. So, I took my cock out of Lydia and said, “Lydybug, suck daddy’s cock.”

She put it in her mouth as Annie got behind her and started eating her pussy. They both looked so beautiful.

Next I got on the floor, lied on my back. Annie got on my cock and started bouncing around. Annie’s pussy, while it felt good, wasn’t anywhere close to being as tight as my daughters. While Annie rode me I watched Lydia sit on my bed rubing her pussy. I didn’t want her to feel left out so I said, “Baby, you can sit on my face.”

She smiled as she walked over. I had my tongue sticking out, so the moment she sat on it, it would touch her clit. As my tongue and cock were pleasuring my daughter and niece I could hear them kissing. I knew the two of them together would be hot, I just didn’t realize that this moment was hotter than anything I imagined.

About ten minutes later I heard Lydia say, “Let’s switch.”

Between switching positions they once again double-teamed my cock with their mouths. If I looked at what they were doing I would have blown my load instantly. While their tongues massaged my cock, I started thinking about everything and anything but what they were doing. Minutes later I could feel Lydia’s tight pussy sit on my cock. As she bounced up and down on it, I could feel Annie’s tongue intermittently licking my balls. I opened my eyes to see Lydia smiling and looking at me very lovingly. My pelvic region started moving faster and faster.

“Fuck me harder,” Lydia yelled.

“Yes Lydybug,” I replied.

I would do anything for my daughter, and if she wanted me to fuck her faster, then I’d do it.

With a frantic pace my cock moved in and out of her pussy. Then I heard Annie say, “Save some for me.”

I then put the girls on their back, side by side at the end of the bed. Their legs spread. I stroked my cock as I entered Annie. I looked at Lydia as she masturbated while I fucked her cousin. Annie rubed her clit as my cock went in and out.

“Mark, I love you,” she screamed as I fucked her hard.

I have to admit that didn’t sound as hot as calling me Uncle Mark.

“Keep fucking me,” she yelled.

I was thrusting as fast as I could. The faster I went the louder she got.

“Stick your finger in my ass,” she demanded.

I licked it and stuck it where she told me. The moment that happened her eyes opened wide and she yelled, “I’m cumming.”

Her body shook.

I leaned down to kiss her.

“I love you Mark,” she said again.

I didn’t respond. Instead I put the finger I inserted into her ass in front of her. She grabed it, put it in her mouth and licked her ass juice off of it.

It was now Lydia’s turn. I’ve deprived her of my cock for too long. I stood in front of her stroking it.

“Give it to me,” she demanded.

I moved closer. Rubed my cock on her clit before I put it in.

“Does it feel good Lydybug?”

“Yes daddy.”

I was now pounding her pussy. It was a definite turn-on hearing my daughter moan as this happened.

Hearing her say, “Fuck me daddy,” was killing me. I wanted to continue, but hearing her repeat that phrase over and over got me worked-up to the point that I knew the I was ready to cum.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy. I had the girls get close to each other. I stroked it in front of them until I was ready to burst. Then I exploded all over their pretty faces.

“Lick my cum off of each other,” I ordered.

As they tasted my juice off of each other’s faces, I thought to myself I was the luckiest man in the world.

When they were done, they each gave me a big kiss and curled up at my side. At this moment I definitely had my cake and was able to eat it too.


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