Mom teaches daughter a lesson part 3

Mom brings a friend home to play

I was lying in my mom's bed fingering myself to the memories of how my mom had pleasured me with her tongue last week. It felt so good. I was just about to cum when I heard someone come inside. I quickly pulled out my fingers and went to the door. I heard two women laughing, mom and some other woman who I didn't know. I grabed my white silk nighty from the floor and got dressed. I went downstairs.

"Hi mom, whose your friend?" I asked. Mom smiled and looked me up and down, then put her hand on her friends back just above her bottom. Mom was dressed very sexy tonight. White tank top, white see through bra, a black mini skirt, and no panties.

"This is my friend Melony" mom told me. I held out my hand

"nice to meet you Melony" I said. Melony was 6'1, brunette hair that reached down to her shoulders, green eyes, tan, C , she had long red finger nails. Melony took my hand and shook it. Firmly.

"Elena shouldn't you be in bed?" mom told me. Mom bit her lip nervously.

"Mom are you OK?" I asked. Mom nodded. Melony took mom's hand and brought her out to the patio. I watched from the window. Melony was stroking my mom's arm, and twirling her hair in between her fingers. Melody kissed my mother's soft cheek and walked back over to me.

"Elena, it's very late you should head to bed" Melody told me

"It was very nice meeting you." I nodded and walked upstairs to my room.

I got into my bed and shut off the lights pulling the covers over me. I tossed and turned as the minutes passed but I couldn't fall asleep. I decided to go downstairs and get a glass of water. I crept downstairs and over to the refrigerator. I was about to head upstairs when I noticed the back light was on. I walked over to shut it off when something caught my eye. Mom and Melody were laying in the hammock together. Melony was kissing my mother. Her hand pulled my mom's shirt over her head, my mom was smiling. I noticed my hand creeping into my already soaking wet panties. I stuck a finger in my soaking wet pussy as Melody began sucking on my moms gorgeous pink tits. Melony put her hand up my mom's skirt and began fingering her. I let a moan escape from my lips as my mother was being fingered, getting her right nipple sucked, and getting her left nipple pinched. I felt my legs begin the quiver and shake. I closed my eyes and moaned loudly as an orgasm took over. I came all over my panties and my fingers. Cum was dripping down my legs. I opened my eyes and Melody was standing on the porch staring right at me with a smirk on her face, her eyes were filled with lust. My jaw dropped and I looked away from her. I quickly ran to the stairs. She was right behind me. I felt her grab hold of my arm.

"And where do you think your going?" She asked with a smirk on her face.

"To bed." I told her

"I saw you watching" She said running her hand down over my nightie.

Mom walked in the door.

"We'll if it isn't our little sneak." Mom teased walking over to us.

I smiled at my mom, and her lover. Melony released my arm. Mom whispered in my ear

"are you going to join us in the bedroom?"

I smiled and ran to my mom's room. Melony and Mom not short behind. Melony pushed me down on the bed while mom lifted up her skirt. Melony ran her fingers over my cum covered panties. She looked back at mom and told her that I was being a naughty girl for cumming in my panties.

"Hmm sweetie what should we do to this naughty girl?" Melony asked, looking at my mother.


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