My Conscious Sister

My sister and I are the same age and come from a pretty strict family. Although,we are lock-key kids and our parents dont get home until 8 and we get home from school at 3pm. So a few days ago I broke up with my girlfriend and have been horny. My sister is a goody goody and doesnt really date or go out with a lot of friends. So the last couple of days i have been looking at my sistres boobs and body when she is hanging around the house.

For example, the other day she had on a pair of shorts and a volleyball shirt but she didnt have any panties or bra on and of course I noticed.. I guess her boobs are maybe an A or B cup but she still should wear one.

So the other day I got in the shower and I was horny and my sister had just gotten back from volleyball practice so she went in and took a shower and showered and then i decided to take a shower after. So once I got in the bathroom I was going to masturbate before I got in the shower but then I remembered my sister had just taken a shower so I looked in the clothes hamper and her shorts and panties were in there.

So i grabbed her wet panties and smelled them and I got an immediate boner. I could smell her pussy so clearly in them and my dick throbbed thinking about her pussy. So I continued to smell them and masturbate and then got in the shower.

Then I came out and seen my sister in her bedroom. So I went into my bedroom and dropped my towel and put on my underwear and a shirt and went out into the living room to watch tv and my sister was out there with a pair of shorts and a take top that showed her nipples through but then i looked down at her crotch and she was sitting on one leg then the other one was bend against her chest watching tv. Well I happened to glance down and her shorts were away from her leg and coud see her bald pussy. I immediately got a chubby and sat down before my sister seen it. But it was too late. And she looked down and with a disgusted face she said "oh my god do you have a boner" and I responded no, well yeah if you would put some clothes on I can see everything on you. and then she said what do you mean? and so I told her look down I can see your pussy! and she turned beat red and grabbed an afgan behind her. and then she said well obviously you liked it. so the conversation ended and we watched tv...

The next day rolled around and carlie my sister got up and had to be at volleyball practice early and then she comes home to shower before going to school together. So I woke up and carlie was just coming home from practice so I decided I would get in after her to smell her panties again. Carlie ended up getting out and I got closed the door and sure enough her shorts and panties were in there so I grabbed them out and laid down on the bathroom floor and started to masterbate while smelling my sisters wet panties.

Then the next thing I know the bathroomdoor opens and my sister yells "hey, I knocked, I need my shor......Oh my god..What are you doing..that is so gross. and she looked down at my boner and her eyes got big again.. So we both looked at each other and I told her I was really horny and couldnt help it, and yesterday I seen your pussy. and again told me I was gross to want my sister, but she thought it was cool her brother thought she was hot. And asked me if I wasnt her brother if I would date her.

And I looked at her with her tight jeans on and a tube top and then it just came out I said "if you wouldnt tell anyone i would have sex with you and then her eyes got really big and said "I wont, will you let me sit on your dick, just dont cum in me." then i started to shake from excitement and agreed. So she took her panties down and once again her bald pussy and this time i seen a small patch of red hair around the edge and on the very top. made me even harder. Then she took her sports bra off and her small breasts sat there on her chest and she had really red puffy nipples. I realized how big of nipples she had but I liked them.

So I sat on the egde of the toliet and put lotion on my dick and she looked at me and said.."please dont tell mom or dad please. " So I promised and she slowly sat down and slid my dick in her pussy. So she slid up and down on me for a couple of minutes and then i was going to cum so she stood up and told me to face the shower So I did and she grabbed my dick and stroked it and I came all over the shower floorand she just stared at my dick dripping cum.

We both looked at each other and I told her we better get ready for school. So we finished getting dressed and found our lunches my mom packed and got on the school bus. I usually sat in the back and my sister followed me which was weird..and she ended up sitting across from me. The whole way to school she kept smiling at me and mouthig dont tell . So i never did tell anyone but i wanted to see my sisters pussy again.

A few days went by and my sister came home from school and my mom was home when we got there. So we had to go to our basement where we do our homework first and then could watch tv if we wanted. So my sister and I went down the basement and sat down and then my sister got back up and closed the door and unzipped her book bag and pulled out a light blue pair of panties but the center was wet...

And she said..."Smell these and I said why? and then she said because during lunch I went in the bathroom and masturbat to you and I came in those and wanted you to smell me and then tomarrow whie I am in the shower the door might be unlocked....My dick pushed against my underwear as I opened my math book.

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  1. great story hope to hear more