My First Lesbian Experience

When i was younger, around the age of 17, I'd had a lot of boyfriends. None of them really liked me, they just used me for one thing; my body. I was fairly short for my age then, as i still am, but my body was perfectly in proportion. My friends were always very jealous of the natural curves of my hips and bum, and because I had the breasts they could only dream of. Each different boyfriend I had i was 'in love with' in the naive way that a 16 year old is, and each time they'd used me enough, I was left 'heart broken.' Due to that, i decided i had given up on men, and was going to remain single for a while.

My best friend at the time was a girl called Georgia. She was slightly more curvaceous than myself, at around a size 14 figure in comparison to my size 8-10 figure. Her curves, however, were very sexy and she had size 36E breasts that i admired greatly. She also had a long string of relationships, but they weren't with males. Gerogia was a lesbian.

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We had been friends for 3 years, and were practically inseparable. We were closer than most best friends, feeling completely at ease with eachother, we would change in front of eachother, hold hands and kiss on the lips, but this was all in a natural way, there was nothing sexual in it.

I was staying at Georgia's house one weekend, as i often did and we were both laid in her double bed. It was in the summer time, on the hottest day of that year so far, so we were in just our underwear. It was then that i realized that i had feelings beyond a friendship for her. I wanted to hold her close to me and kiss her softly on the lips, our bodies entwined. I pushed these feelings aside. I was straight. My mind was playing tricks on me. It was just because i had given up on males, i was trying to find someone else...something else.

But the feelings wouldn't leave. I tried to fight them, and they remained strong. Just looking at her gave me butterflies, touching her innocently made my heart beat faster, I couldn't eat, sleep or concentrate and she was the only thing that was ever on my mind. I'd never felt anything like that about anybody, and it scared me that it was about a girl. I knew that i needed to escape the feelings, and i avoided her at all costs. She'd ask me on a daily basis why, but I denied that i was avoiding her, trying desperately to escape. She made the feelings too real. Her voice literally made my knees weak.

And then she'd had enough, and confronted me about it properly, and i had no choice but to tell her the truth, "Georgia, i have feelings for a girl," I admitted. She smiled, knowing exactly the turmoil I was going through, as she had gone through it a few years ago.

"Who is it?" She urged, eagerly awaiting the answer. But i couldn't tell her, I couldn't say it... I stared at my lap, refusing to answer, not knowing which words to use. Reaching across to me, she took my hand in hers, i flinched at her touch, at the electricity running through me, and she noticed. She pulled her hand away quickly and apoligised.

"No," i mumbled, "I liked it, that's the thing." I looked up and her questioning eyes met mine, "It's me." She whispered, more a statement than a question. I nodded faintly and she broke my gaze immediately. Saying nothing more, she stood up and through the tears in my eyes, i watched her leave the room, and possibly my life. The tears spilled over as i looked at the empty doorway.

I heard nothing from her for two weeks after that. Two long weeks of moping around, and hating my feelings. My parents were away on holiday, and i was home alone, with nothing and nobody to distract me.

There was a knock at the door, and i sighed, grateful for the brief break from my own thoughts. I opened it, and almost fell over as i saw who was stood there; Georgia. I realized how mad i was at her when i automatically slapped her in the face. I stalked off down the hallway and into the kitchen, but i left the door open, knowing that she'd follow. I sat on one of the units in the kitchen and stared out of the window angrily. She walked straight up to me and positioned herself between my legs. She lent her head next to mine and whispered "I'm so sorry." It was the first thing i had heard her say in a long time, and all of my love for her came flooding back. I tried to fight it back, knowing that it would get me nowhere. When i didn't respond to what she said, she continued speaking, this time much faster, as if she had a lot to say and no time to say it in. "It's just i was so scared Amy. We're so close, i've never had a friend like you, and i was so scared that would be ruined forever. But Amy, i can't deny it any more..." she trailed off and i felt her hands deliately on my face. I tried to pull away but she didn't break the touch. She moved my face until it was facing hers and she stared deep into my eyes. I tried to read hers but they were a smouldering colour, she looked so at peace, like she was doing what was right. It confused me. She moved her face to mine, which was still in her hands, and our noses were touching. She didn't break my stare once as she said, "I love you Amy."

"Well i know that, but it's not in the same way. I should never have told you, it was stupid, I'm sorry it's just..." She put her finger on my lips to stop me.

"No, Amy," she said, "i love you." My heartbeat rocketed and I felt faint. And then i felt her lips meet mine in a soft gentle kiss. I pulled away so that i could look her in the eyes and breathed "I love you too" and we kissed again. This kiss was different. It was desperate, something we had both been waiting for for a long time. I was hard and passionate, our tongues caressing eachother's urgently. I pressed my body to hers, needing to feel her against me. Taking her hands off my face, she wrapped them around my waist. I moved my hands so that they were around her neck, and she lifted me with my legs around her lips. Pushing me against the wall, her whole body crushed mine in sheer passion. I gripped my legs around her tightly, and moved my hands through her hair as our lips locked. I could not pull my head away as it was against the wall, so i grabbed a clump of her hair in my hand and pulled hers away from mine. She looked at me, unsure as to why i'd broken the magic. I waited a moment, purley to tease her, and then i said what i needed to, kissing her between each word, "Lets...Go...To...My...Room."

She didn't move me from the wall instantly as i'd imagined her too. Instead, she ran one of her hands up my top across my bare hips. I shuddered at her touch. She then pulled my top over my head, threw it on the floor, and moved me from the wall. We moved about 8 steps down the hallway before she stopped at a wall to kiss me again, she wasn't able to wait, and i was glad of it, desperate to feel her lips against mine. She was wearing a shirt, and i ripped the bottons down the front. I knew it would take too long to undo them, and i needed to see her bare skin, so i pulled at both sides of her shirt, ripping off several of the bottons which scattered across the floor. With it in my hands, she started to move again and i threw it behind me. We finally reached the stairs and i knew that we were close to my room. It made me grow even wetter, and i searched her skin with my hands. I met the clasp of her bra and undid it quickly, her large, beautiful breasts exposed. I breathed, a breath of complete lust, but also mixed with the unmistakable love between us. I then undid the clasp on mine, and my breasts were also there for her to see. I arched my back so that my chest was touching hers, and the feel of her bare breasts against mine was electrifying. I let out a faint moan, and so did she.

And then finally, we reached the door to my room, and then my bed. Geogia fell backwars on it, leaving her laying on her back, me on top of her, my legs straddling her. We were kissing again, the most passionate i had ever experienced. I moved to her neck, kissing it lightly, breathing on it so that my breath would tickle her. I moved my kisses down across her chest and kissed her nipples. Biting one of them, i twisted the other between my fingers, she moaned loudly. This was the first time I had ever done anything with a female and i was surprised how naturally it came and how i seemed to be good at it. I moved my kisses down to her stomach. I sighed, "Now we can't be wearing them can we?" I teased. Undoing the button and zip, i started to slide them off. I then stood, and quickly took off my shorts. I left on my thong, knowing she would want to remove it herself. I then climbed back on her and started to remove her underwear slowly, to reveal her neat and perfect pussy. I moaned at the sight of her naked, i ached for her. I had never seen anything as perfect in my life. I moved up so that our faces were touching and we started to kiss again. Her hands immediately slid down my back and to my thong, which she removed hasitly. Now we were both fully naked, our skin touching eachother. I was intoxicated. I started to grind on her automatically, as i was so used to doing with my boyfriends. And although there was nothing to stimulate me, the feeling of our skin rubbing together, her pussy on mine was a major turn on. I started to moan lightly, and she bucked her hips with the movement of mine, moaning too. She slid her hand between our bodies, she was more used to this and knew what she was doing. Her hand went between my legs and i parted them further. She ran her thumb over my clit, and with just a few touches, i was left breathless. I could have came then and there, but i didn't want to, i wanted to savour this feeling for longer. Feeling me tense, she moved her thumb from my clit and instead massaged the slightly less sensitive skin next to it. Running her fingers down to my opening, she felt just how wet i was, and couldn't resist, plunging two fingers inside me quickly. She pumped them in and out of me fast, just the way i liked it as she had remembered from one of our girly chats in the past. I started to groan. "That noise so sexy," she said breathless, "I want to watch you orgasm, hear you orgasm." and with that she moved her thumb back onto my clit, and curled her fingers inside of me. She only circled my clit twice before i came, my muscles spasming around her fingers. Letting out a huge scream, i collapsed, breathless. She pulled her fingers out of me and put them in her mouth, savouring my taste. It took me a while to regain my breath, all the time she was laid next to me, playing with my erect nipples. She was amazing, just a simple touch left between my legs throbbing. Once my breathing had controlled, i kissed her, and said thank you. She smiled at me and kissed me lightly on the nose. "Now it's my turn to return the favour." I smiled. But she shook her head.

"There's one thing i really want baby." and without saying anything else, she climbed on top of me, her pussy over my face. It was glistening, dripping wet. I would smell her and it made me dizzy. I didn't know if it was what she wanted, and i didn't care. I could not stop myself, i needed that, now. I put my hands on her hips and pushed her down. She spread my legs at exactly the same time. I felt her tongue softly caress my clit. I had never done this before, and I was unsure what i was doing, but it all seemed to natural. I ran my tongue from her clit to her opening and back again.The taste at her opening was delicious and i couldn't resist. I went back for more, licking her dry on the outside. I then put my tongue up her as far as i could, trying to ensure that i could eat every bit possible. I pulled my tongue out, and began to flick her clit with the tip of my tongue. She was working wonders on mine, nibbling lightly on it and i was moaning loud into her pussy, the vibrations arousing her further. I sucked on her clit and she began to pant, her moans growing louder my the second. I bit extremely lightly on her clit once and it drove her mad. I continued to do it, gently at first, but then i began to do it harder. She screamed in delight at this, and bit my clit a bit too hard. It was painful, yet the most arousing thing i had felt, and i orgasmed instantly. Gritting my teeth together, i also bit hers too hard and she yelped. I felt an orgasm ripple through her. Both of our bodies shaking together, our breathing quick, glistened with sweat, we collapsed in a heap. She climbed off me, and joined me at the top of the bed. We were both exhausted, but heart meltingly happy. She turned to face me and we wrapped our arms and legs around eachother. The butterflies in my stomach did not leave, and i had never felt so happy and so peaceful in all my life. We soon drifted into sleep holding eachother.

I woke the next morning, with her face just an inch from mine. She was already awake and she smiled as i opened my eyes.

"Hello beautiful" she smiled.

I smiled back, "Hey gorgeous."

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