Sex on Vacation

We decided to go on vacation in Colorado, a ski resort. We left the kids with my mom and we headed up for a well deserved 7 day break from the madness. We had been planning the trip for a while and since we had lived in Colorado before we half way knew where we wanted to go. We had shopped around for the best deal and found just what we were looking for. We decided on Winter Park, it had a small town and it was not as pricey or as busy as Vail or Aspen.

We found a group of people that were renting out a condo for very little and we decided to jump at the chance. We had found her some skis to rent pretty cheep and since I had my own we were off. We packed the truck with everything we thought we would need and headed up the road.

We headed up the interstate thru New Mexico and the mountains. As we were going I dared her to flash a trucker, since she was not wearing a bra. She was resilient but after egging her on plenty and calling her a chicken she was game. The next truck we passed she lifted her shirt and put her pierced nipples close to the window. We heard the loud roar of the air horn from the thankful trucker.

As we continued our journey north along I-25. As we continued going she got more adventurous and more turned on. She had unbuttoned her blouse and leaned the chair back. She was rubbing her breasts in her hands, and we heard the familiar sound of trucker horns as we passed them. She got more excited and had unbuttoned her pants and drew down her zipper. She had slid her right hand down her pants while her left continued to rub her nipples. She told me she was very horny and wanted me to pull over somewhere.

We found an exit that went to an old dirt road going under the interstate. We took the exit and stopped under the bridge. I got out and went to open her door. As I got around the front she was already out and wearing nothing but her shoes. She grabbed me and we kissed passionately and deep and she pulled me close to her body.

She told me how much she wanted my hard cock in her body and pulled me to the front of the car. The air carried a cold breeze from the highway directly above us. She pulled me to the front of the truck and pulled my sweat pants down to my ankles. She took my growing dick in her mouth and bobbed her head back in forth trying to get me as hard as possible as quick as possible.

Once I got to the desired size (just over 7 inches) she stood up looked me in the eyes and told me to fuck her pussy. I turned her around and bent her over the hood of the truck. The cold metal on her nipples made them hard like gumdrops. I grabbed her ass cheeks in my hands an pushed my hard cock into her as deep as I could. We had wild sex as she moaned out loud and told me to give it to her harder. It did not take us long and we climaxed together. I slid out of her and my hard cock got an instant chill from the wetness on it. I turned her around and we kissed and told each other how much we loved each other. I then lifted her onto the hood and then went down between her legs to lick my cum out of her quim.

We got back in the truck where it was warm when I had finished between her legs. She got dressed and we got back on the road. Heading north thru Santa Fe and into Colorado. We decided to stay the night in Colorado Springs where we had both lived years earlier.

We got up early the next morning and got back on the road. we made it to our condo and quickly got the truck up packed and got ready for a day on the slops. We skid all day and worked ourselves up pretty good.

We decided to have dinner at a small restaurant that we had seen driving into town earlier. It was a nice Italian place and we had ordered a nice bottle of wine to go with our dinner. We finished the one and ordered another, and before we knew it there were 3 and 1/2 empty bottles on the table. We were to toasted to drive in the snow so we asked the owner if we could leave our truck in the parking lot and walk home and get it in the morning. He told us we could leave it and offered us a ride back to our condo.

We got back to our place and thanked the man for the ride. We were very horny from the wine we had drunk and were feeling very randy. I suggested we go to the hot tub the condo facility had outside. She looked at me and said she didn't bring a suit, I told her neither did I and drug her in the direction of the hot tub.

When we got there, there was steam coming off the water and we stripped quickly to get in the water before we froze in the cold night air. We jumped in the water and almost jumped right back out from the temperature change. We settled in and started kissing and rubbing each other gently. She reached down in the water and started stroking my already hard cock. I reached down and felt her smooth pussy and pushed a finger deep inside of her. she moaned and leaned her head back. I took advantage of that and took one of her nipples in my mouth. we told each other how much we loved each other. We then maneuvered to where she could sit in my lap. We tried to get my tool inside her but the water was making sex difficult.

I told her to stand up and turn around. We were standing in the center of the hot tub our waists just out of the water. she bent over and rested her arms on the side of the hot tub, her chest in the water. I got behind her and started to rub my hard cock up and down her hot wet slit. She reached between her legs and grabbed my cock. She looked over her shoulder and told me to quit teasing her and she put my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I guided my hard cock in her and felt her caress my balls as I thrust in and out of her. She pushed back against me and meet me with each of my thrusts. I felt her other hand go in the water and felt her start to rub her clit. She told me she would not last long and was going to cum. I told her to tell me so I could cum with her.

It did not take long after that and we came together. We were breathing hard and every breath looked like we were chain smoking cigarettes. We began to hear a roar from across the courtyard. We figured because it was late everyone would be asleep. We found a group of about 8 college aged kids that had been watching us have sex. We separated and sank down in the water holding each other and waved to our thankful audience.

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