Old Janitor Otis Meets New Bride Executive

Instead of Honeymoon New Bride gets biggest Assignment

The new Bride Mrs. Kim Dawson, age 28, sat crying in her motel room. Losing her virginity less than a month ago on her wedding night to her college sweetheart, Dr. Paul Dawson, it had been a beautiful perfect wedding. Perfect except for no honeymoon. Kim, USC grad, MBA from Pepperdine, Harvard Law, Ph.D from MIT in Economics, rather than being in Hawaii, she had been sent to Ajax Corporation in Mississippi to trouble shoot a failing Fortune 500 Company. It was a 3 month temporary assighnment, a real plum to her resume'. Her husband had just called and said he would not be able to visit this weekend because of an illness he would be the resident surgeon at St. John Hospital in Burbank, California. She had eaten every evening meal for the last 6 weeks in her room. All the Ajax employees,they all hated her.

Otis age 68, 2 time convicted felon for sexual assult sat in his janitor office and took a long pull off his bottle of cheap vodka. He got up looking at his fat black belly over his dirty jeans. Shit ass job his parole officer had given him. Looking in the mirror, old Otis knew he wasn't to much to look at with missing teeth from fights and a much broken nose. But Otis chuckled grabing his dick, God has blessed him with the cock of horse dimensions. Balls the size of small oranges and a huge bulbous cockhead that looked like a black cobra. His black 13" shaft the thickness of a womans arm,yeah God had blessed him. He knew that at 5'8,over 250 lbs. he would never turn a woman's head especially that new young hottie the bosses had brought in to clean house,Wow was she a beautiful white ho. But he sure was giving it his best shot everybody else was afraid of her but not old Otis,he didn't care about his shitty job.

Kim started the bath water, stripping in front of the vanity. Her perfect soft 36D cup breast tumbled heavily out of her victoria secrect bra, pulling her satin pink panties off her 25 " waist, over her 36" hips she kicked them aside. Looking at her nude body she had been blessed with the body of a model,the envy of many of her girlfriends and the object of mens stares her whole life, her long thick dark hair she looked at her bloodshot green eyes from crying and her lipstick was smeared from her full pouty lips. After shaving her legs she layed back thinking of how everybody hated her at Ajax she had terminated about 20 managers and engineers to streamline production and cut deficit spending.Her mind turned to her loving husband, Paul and the sexual thoughts of their weekend together sent chills thru her young fertile body.

Oh God Kim thought to herself as she walked down the hall,the old janitor again. Kim felt like he undressed her every time they saw each other. Otis was swabing the floor when he looked up and saw Mrs. Dawson. Damn he thought to himself, she sure look sweet today in that blue fancy dress. "You sure be looking sweet today Missum Dawson, you decided to let met take you out for a nice southern dinner".....Otis ask. Hi, Otis,thankyou your very nice"......Kim replied. "This city gots lots of nice places I's know everyone, just kills me you sittin in your room all alone and haven't enjoyed a good southern meal, just kills me and its not southern hospiltality, just not right".......Otis told her.......Otis had noticed his hounding her had weakened her and he was really laying on the bullshit. Kim did feel so lonely but this black neandrathal was not what she had in mind spending dinner with but everybody else hated her."Now you know I'm married Otis and I'm your boss, I just don't think I can, it wouldn't be right,Otis"......she replied. "I's know your husband don't want you sittin by yourself eating alone and you's make me the happiest old man in Carson,Mississippi if you let me take you to dinner".........Otis replied. The mention of her husband and their relationship,"I better not Otis it sounds nice but".......Kim replied,but Otis cut her off. "We's could leave after work I's have you home in bed by 9, cmon,yous need to see Mississippi hospiltality, I'ms sure your nice husband would want you to go"........Otis became more forceful. After a pause....."oh okay Otis, it would be nice to eat in a resturant for a change,I'll meet you out front after work at 5:30,okay?" "Great Missie we have a great home meal, I promise you'll love it"......Otis replied excitedly.

Kim was waiting out front, Otis didn't mean he would be in bed with her by 9,thats not what he meant she chuckled.Suddenly she saw Otis's old dilapitated Chevy pull up. Otis jumped out to help her in the car. Opening the door her skirt rode up her thigh a little and she caught Otis's eyes enjoying the view. She pulled her skirt down settling in her seat.The car was full of old beer cans and the smell of marajuna permeated the upolstery. As Otis drove off he put his huge black hand on her thigh."I'ms sure am glad you's joined me tonight".......Otis said removing his hand. "Thanks Otis, I'm looking forward to some resturant food for a change"........she replied. She looked over and caught her breath at a bulge outlined in Otis's pants. She jerked and looked out the window. Feeling uneasy he had squeezed her thigh. Otis chuckled as he knew this ho had finally spotted his gift. He had put some loose pants on with no underwear and soft his cock was 8 thick inches, and he had put it on his thigh. Kim knew Mississippi was a poor state but the neighborhoods looking more and more poor and she noticed lots of black men and women on the street, they seemed to just be milling around. A shiver of fear ran thru her. She noticed some scantily clad white women standing on the street, she thought they might be prostitutes.

Otis opened the door to "Jakes Catfish House" and they walked in, the place was packed. Kim felt safe to be in the company of people she didn't want to be alone with Otis.It was dark and the laughter and voices rang out as they were led to their table. She slid into the booth and Otis sat across from her.She ordered a glass of wine and her eyes finally adjusted and she noticed alot of eyes on her and mostly black couples with a sprinkling of pretty white women. She felt a little uneasy but not unsafe. Otis purposed a toast after the drinks arrived."Welcome to Mississippi, and you have made me the happiest man in the world joining me tonight fer dinna."......Otis raised his glass."Thank you Otis".....clicking his glass. Otis felt his cock twitch as he eyed her cleavage, her tits looked beautiful and full.

Otis ordered dinner and another glass of wine and Kim was finally starting to relax. The food was delicious and Otis was very funny as they shared their stories. Kim even laughed. Alot of people came by the table, Otis seemed to know alot of people and introduced Kim as his boss. This brought laughter.The evening was moving along very nicely, Kim was glad she came. Otis ordered dessert and got up and said he had to piss. Kim thought that is so crude but maybe they talk like that in Mississippi. Kim was surprised when Otis slid down beside her in the booth.A moment later a nice black couple slid in the booth across from them.Otis noticed Kim's skirt had hiked to mid thigh exposing her beautiful legs. They clicked glasses and had another toast and the men laughed and Kim enjoyed finally meeting a nice black southern woman.

As the conversation and laughter flowed Kim felt Otis's huge black paw cover her thigh. She was shocked that this old black neandrathal could think he could touch her like that.He brushed her inner thigh.Kims mind was racing,she didn't want to barrass him or the couple but this was unacceptable for a new white bride. She was also ashamed that her nipples reacted to his light touch. Old Otis was telling a joke but his mind was on how far he could go before his white boss would stop him. His hand starting above her knee was now brushing her inner thigh. Still nothing from her,he noticed her nipples were protruding from her dress top and her top lip had a lite sweat. Suddenly his little finger was just inches from her pussy he could feel the heat radiating. Finally her hand covered his and lifted it from her thigh. Otis had to give her credit she never stopped talking. Kim was talking and laughing but she was so barrassed her body had responded against her will.Kim was flustered and Otis announced suddenly that it was time to get going.

Kim was relieved as they drove back to the hotel. She sat quietly in the car stunned her young body had responded to this old black man's touch's. Kim couldn't believe Otis put his arm around her as he walked her to her room thru the hotel. His big black arm held her tight as they reached her room. Finally, she thought to herself I'm here and can get away from this old black man but she couldn't believe her body had betrayed her at the resturant.The key went in and she opened the door. Like a cat Otis followed her inside the room.An instant later Otis was kissing her neck and had grabed her ass bringing her lush body against his fat belly."Oh baby, baby, you make me so hot, oh baby you's so sweet, u smell so good".......Otis whispered kissing her slender neck. "Oh Otis stop, I can't,please stop, I'm married, Oh stop".......she gasp.Oh god Otis had lifted her skirt and his hands were going inside her panties."Oh please no, no, please stop, my husband".....she begged. She heard the door close.

Suddenly his huge black lips covered hers and his black tongue captured hers like a serpent capturing it's prey. Her tongue was his. God Kim thought to herself she's kissing this toothless old black man.Kim moaned "Ahhhhh Ohhh" as she felt this black animal spread her ass cheeks and insert his dirty black finger up her asshole. She had never felt anything like it before. In and out each time deeper in her asshole."OOOhh please stop,please".......she pleaded,her body was betraying her again. Otis knew he had her, like a cat he shifted and his hand was searching her pussy for final conquest. Holding her he lifted the front of her dress and felt her panties, they were soaked.

Kim was so barrassed that this old man knew her body was out of her control. She shook as his finger expertly located her clitoris. It was blooming unsheathed from its protective hood.'"AAAAhhhh ooooHhhhh,nooo".......I'm married,stop".......she begged. Otis knew she was his, she was gone, her pleas had weakened and he didn't miss her moans. He returned to kissing her neck...."baby you feel so good, so wet,so hot.Your sweet pussy is so wet and tight and your ass is beautiful,ohhh baby I's got to taste your titties"......Otis whispered.

Suddenly Kims bra was unclasped and her huge heavy breasts fell free and into this old black mans dirty hands."OHHH Baby look at the size of these fucking Tits".....Otis gasp,instantly his mouth went to her aerola and nipple kissing and licking her firm soft breast. His other was rolling her excited nipple berween his thumb and forefinger. Suddenly his mouth was at her other breast, his finger entered her pussy, he was so fast she thought. Her aerola's were swollen from excitement. He sounded like an animal in heat. Kim was shaking she had never been this excited, she had to stop, she had to, she was married but his gross language and treatment put her in an unknown place."Otis I have to stop I'm married I just can't"......Kim whispered. Otis layed her on the bed...."I's got to have me a taste of that sweet young white married pussy"......Otis said hungerly.

"OOOOhh Goooddd".....Kim gasp,She had never been talked to by a man like this and he was driving her crazy licking the edges of her newly married pussy. His thumbs had pulled her pussy lops open he was licking like pudding from a bowl.Oh this pussy taste sweet Otis thought. Suddenly Otis quit and stood up walking away he turned and told Kim coldly....."get dem clothes off,strip." Kim's mind was running wild, she was his boss,she was married,he was black,he was an old man,he was ugly,her mind was running wild but her body was lost in excitement. Her eyes widened she couldn't believe what she just saw. Otis saw her reaction as he turned around, even soft his cock was 8" and thick as her wrist and it's weight kept it hanging straight down his short bow legs and fat black belly.Otis walked to her as she dropped her bra."Damn baby yo one fine lookin white bitch,damn feel this smooth white body".....Otis said taking her hand and putting it on his black monster cock. Kim couldn't believe her response to his talk of her body and body parts and she had only seen 1 man's penis before this. Her husband was'nt even close to this monster. Otis kissed her and now Kim didn't resist her arm went around her black god's shoulders. Otis felt her jacking his huge dick smiling to himself he broke the kiss......"Get on your knees baby and suck old Otis's cock,go on baby kiss it, get down there".......Otis ordered. Kim looked up she had never put a man's thing in her mouth and the sweaty man's smell was intoxicating.""Go on baby, lick it, pull the skin back and kiss it."........Otis was looking down.

Kim couldn't believe the velvet texture of the bulbous cockhead and the thick veins running down the shaft and the cock was growing in her mouth, the man taste was new to her. It was so huge she only had 3" in her mouth bobing in and out."Oh, that's it baby, that's it, suck that dick, suck that big black cock, UUuummm your a natural born cocksucker you white slut, you like that black dick don't you, don't you you slut?"......Otis ask. Otis pulled it out and lifted it up befoe she could answer."Lick my balls baby, get your tongue underneath there and lick my nuts, mmmm that's it baby,that's it lick um".....Otis groaned. Kim loved the sweaty man smell of Otis's balls.

Otis picked her up and layed her on the bed."MMMmm your sopping wet here girl,I think you like old Otis"....time had come kissig her, Otis felt her arms wrap aroud his shoulders.She open herself for his taking. Otis lined his cock and like a ruber band her vulva opened on his cock head and slamed shut and he pushed. AAAAAhh OOOOhhhhh GGGod Kim's clitoris was pushed into her love channel she had never felt this before.He raised up and pushed again.OOOOhhhh GGoooodd "Stop, Stop it hurts oh please stop"........her love tunnell was showering it's new invader with love juice. "Damn girl your pussy is tight"Otis lifted up and pushed again. OOOOhhhhh ggggooooodd,AAAhhhh...."oh please oh please, I can't take it pull it out , it hurts. oh please,stop.".......Kim cried. Otis withdrew and when he felt Kim relax he pushed again this time he slid thru the wet tunnel until he felt her cervix wall. OOOOhhhhh NNNNooooo GGGooooAAAhhh,Oh no Oh God Kim knew her Cervix could not withstand this assult the pain permeated her pussy but a pleasure was building and taking over her body she was tingling all over. Again,Again, Again each time deeper,harder her wall was giving way, Otis felt her perfect white legs wrap around his fat black ass and her hips were meeting each thrust. "that's it baby fuck me,fuck me you slut, fuck me harder, you like it baby, Uummmm yeah baby".....Otis was feeling the first twitch in in balls.

Kim looked over and saw in the mirror her white legs wrapped around a huge black body, it was so nasty, the color contrast, he was do black. Kim could not stand it. IIIIIiiii mmmmm cummmmmingggggg Oh God I can't stand it"......Kim was lost in passion. At that moment her cervix wall gave way and her treasured womb welcomed it's first visitor. Her ovaries opened themselves in bloom waiting for a coat of warm spurm. They new their purpose and welcomed their karma. Suddenly Kim knew. Otis bucked she felt a rush or black baby batter rushing down her tunnel. "OOOOhhhh GGGGoooodddd IIIImmmm cumming oh god don't stop don't stop please".......Kim was screaming.

Otis was groaning........."Oh baby'oh baby,I'm cummmmming,OOOhhh baby"....sprut after spurt of black spunk went into her womb. The pleasure was something Kim had never felt the black spunk was scalding hot and coating her ovaries with black baby batter. "OOooohhhh AAAhhhh ooohhh gggooooddd oh god iiii'mmm. and suddenly she passed out from her orgasm.The pleasure was indescribable. Otis didn't know what to do,damn bitch passed out on me he thought. Another sput of hot cum shot in her pussy.Damn she got a sweet tight pussy.Otis started licking her titties damn these tits are sweet. Suddenly Kim came to, opening her eyes there lips met in a deep passionate kiss.

Otis broke the kiss,.."get down there and clean old Otis's cock off baby"....Otis ordered."Yeah that's it baby, lick that cumm and pussy juice off,you like that baby,you like cleaning my cock baby"....Otis asked. Kim was lost in passion she had never tasted or done anything like this but it seemed so natural that she would be sucking his dick clean,and the taste,the taste".....Kim just moaned.She leaned back and closed her eyes. Suddenly Otis from the door, dressed."Git your ass up and clean yourself up, damn woman yo a mess".....Otis laughed.

"Your leaving, your going to leave".....Kim was frantic. "I'm busy baby,I's got's things to do, u's got a sweey pussy, maybe we's do it again sometime"... Otis said leaving. When, When, Otis your leaving me like this, When?"....Kim asked panicing.The phone started ringing.RING

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