My Wife`s Birthday

Lisa's 22nd birthday was coming up, and I wanted to
surprise her somehow. Having been married only a short
time, I wanted her to really remember her first birthday
as my wife, and I thou

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ght long and hard about what to give
Lisa's figure was petite and slim, even though she
stood 5'1" tall. She had a petite, lean, trim
figure (32b-23-32) and she looked very good in anything
that showed off her body. I thought of showering her with
frilly nighties and sexy lingerie, but she was the type
that preferred one of my old t-shirts than lingerie.

I called her girlfriend Julie for advice. Julie was similar
to height to Lisa, but a little more built. While Lisa had
short bob cut, Julie had shoulder-length black hair. Lisa
and Julie were best friends and had in college fooled around
once on a drunken spree. Julie admitted openly that she
was bisexual, and Lisa was her best friend.

I figured that Julie would be able to help me think of something
special, and I certainly wasn't disappointed. Julie
and I talked about all sorts of fun ideas, laughing and suggesting
more and more outrageous ideas. I had always had a crush
on Julie in college, and this talk of sex made that old spark
jump again. Julie suddenly went quiet on her end of the phone,
then said I should stop by tonight on the way home from work...she
had a terrific idea.

I agreed, knowing that Lisa was working a swing-shift that
night, and tried to get some details of Julie's idea.

"Um. I have to work out some details." Was all
I could get from her.
I left work and drove over to Julie's apartment, wondering
what her little devious mind had planned.

When I finally entered her apartment she wore a nice denim
overall shorts set and strappy shoes that turned me on.
Of course, I did get VERY turned on, watching this 5'1"
asian woman prance about in front of me, but I behaved. After
all I was happily married.

She took a pill and swallowed it with a drink of water. She
explained it was PMS medicine, and that she was in her ovulation
cycle. As she threw her head back to take her pill, Her shirt
was slightly pulled taut with her nipples peeking through.
I had a tremendous hard-on which I didn't try to hide
(why insult her?). She sat nearby on the sofa. That's
when she told me her real special idea.

I left Julie's, smug with the knowledge that Lisa would
both appreciate and remember this birthday for a long time.
We had all the details planned, and I would have to set things
up at my

Two weeks later, I took Lisa out for a birthday dinner, then
we went to a stage show she'd been wanting to see. We
were both dressed up for a night on the town. After the show,
we stopped and had some dessert at a local pie shop, and headed
home. We entered the house, and I saw the signal that Julie
and I pre-arranged (a small figurine turned around).

I took Lisa to the bedroom, whispering to her how much I loved
her and how I wanted to savage her body all night long.
She turned and kissed me, long and deep, her hips rubbing
against the growing bulge in my slacks. I undressed her
while she undressed me and we laid on the bed, my face between
her legs while she relaxed and enjoyed my tongue. After
a bit, she rolled over and stuck her behind up and begged
me to fuck her long and hard. She rode me for several minutes,
with my fingers rubbing her clit, getting her deeper into
her carnal mood. She was nearly ready to orgasm, when I stopped,
leaning over her.

"Would you like your 'best' present of all?"
I asked.
"Yes." She replied, thinking I was about to
come. "Give it to me now! I pulled out and rolled her
over, telling her to spread herself wide open, and she complied
quickly. I pulled out a soft cloth, telling her that she
couldn't peek, starting to blindfold her. She resisted,
not wanting to be blindfolded, and I leaned over and sucked
one of her nipples gently for a moment.

"Are you sure?" I asked. "No blindfold,
no present!" She gave in and I tied the soft cloth over
her eyes, and quickly moved over to tie her hands with more
soft cloth ribbons, telling her that she was going to be
able to pull free if she wanted, but that she wouldn't
get her present if she did. Each time she resisted, I placed
a kiss or nip on her bush, or her labia, and asked her if she
wanted to stop.

I'm such a cruel person! Finally blindfolded and restrained
hand and foot, I lit some small scented candles and returned
to her on the bed. I caressed her all over, my lips touching
and teasing her. I ran my cock over her nipples, moistening
them with the pre-cum that had formed, and making them slick
and shiny. She moved and twisted against her mild restraints,
her body responding, her mind floating in a sexual lust
for more.

"Let me get your present, " I said, kissing
lips and neck softly. I slipped off the bed and went to the
large closet and opened
the door, finding, as I expected, Lisa's present.
Julie had been in
the closet the whole time, watching through the decorative
slots in the door. She
was leaning back, naked, her hand rubbing her bush, and
a deep flush on her face. She smiled and stepped out, her
eyes shining lustily in the candlelight. I took her hand
and led her to the bed, showing her my wife.

Lisa's creamy white skin looked even better in the
dim, flickering candlelight. Her smallish breasts, with
their full, dark nipples standing high, seemed to invite
the lips. Julie knelt and took my cock into her mouth, sucking
me almost all the way down. Her head bobbed
on my cock for a few moments, then she stood and kissed me
passionately, all of this just
to thank me for setting this up. I positioned Julie at the
foot of the bed, looking at Lisa's glistening pussy.
I moved up the side of the bed and told Lisa that she was about
to receive her present from me, and that I hoped she liked

"Oh, give it to me..." Lisa softly moaned. "I
want it. Make me cum, I'm so wet." I moved to Julie, and indicated that she should begin. I
moved to the comfortable chair nearby and sat down to watch.
Julie wasted no time in finding Lisa's pussy. Her lips
kissed the soft black hair, her tongue flicking out and
finding the clit. Lisa moaned and raised her
hips, her shoulders narrowing and pushing her breasts
together. Julie's hands caressed and slid over Lisa's
lean thighs, keeping her nails away lest she give
herself away. Julie's hair was tied back, again to
keep the deception up.

Lisa was tossing her head, moaning her pleasure when Julie
began working her way down
her thighs, kissing lightly.
"Ohhh, Ohhh, that's different...!" she
moaned. Julie kept touching and caressing in silence.
I too remained silent, sitting in my chair, stroking my
hard shaft. Julie moved around
and knelt near Lisa's side, kissing from the top of
her bush, up the groove in her lean
stomach to between her breasts. She ran her tongue around
the large aureole of Lisa's nipples, not touching
her anywhere else. She kissed Lisa's breasts on the
sides, working her way up and then down her arms, her tongue
licking the sensitive insides of her arms. Lisa's
breathing was heavy and sensual, her nipples erect and
hard. I could see her pussy clearly in the candlelight,
the folds of her labia swollen and glistening wetly. Julie
moved to the other side of Lisa, repeating
the arm kisses and working her way down to tease around Lisa's
loins, her tongue
outlining her bush.

I stood from my chair and Julie moved off the bed standing
to me. She kissed me lightly on the cheek, and moved to the
foot of the bed, waiting for
the dramatic moment.

I whispered to Lisa, "Would you like me to take your
blindfold off?" I asked.
"Oh, yes. I want to see you." Her voice was soft
and breathy.
"Keep your eyes closed for one full minute after this
comes off, " I instructed. "I want you to feel
first, then see."

The blindfold came off and I made sure she didn't peek.
Then I moved to Julie
and she again slid between Lisa's thighs.
"Ohhhhh!" Lisa moaned, just as I sat down. "Oh
Gawd!" Julie was licking up and down Lisa's slit,
her tongue playing over her clit quickly, but briefly.
Still restrained, she lifted her
head and looked down, her face registering surprise.

"Julie!??" She gasped.
"Happy Birthday sweetheart!" We replied in
"Ohhh, you...Ohhh don't stop!" She was
surprised and excited at
the same time she told me later, but so turned on that she
wanted her orgasm no matter what we had done. Julie's
head returned to Lisa's creamy thighs, her tongue
sliding up and down between the swollen lips, licking her
cream and tonguing the pretty erect clit. Lisa moaned and
pulled against her restraints, her hips starting their
rocking motions. Julie slipped her fingers inside, moving
them in and out making small wet noises. Lisa was on the edge,
her breathing very rapid and loud.

"Yesss. Ohhh, yes!" She panted. "Ohhh
mmmmm, yes! yes!" I
watched as Julie brought her knees up under her, seeing
her pussy from behind.
Julie's pussy was wet and swollen, her excitement
at Lisa's rushing orgasm apparent. I never wanted
Julie as much as I wanted it then. Seeing it raised up and
jutting toward me made me hard with excitement. I watched
as Julie's free hand came up to rub at her own pussy,
getting me ever harder.

"Ohh! Ohh! Ohhhhhh Gawd! YES! Uhhhhhmmmmmmmmm!"
Lisa moaned and went rigid as her orgasm washed over her.
Her thighs started quivering, and her head went back, hips
arching against Julie's tongue. Julie didn't
stop, and her head moved down, her tongue probing Lisa's
entrance, lapping up her flowing cream. Her hands moved
to the small breasts and her fingers rolled the nipples
between them. Julie's head was moving faster and faster
over Lisa's pussy.
"Ohhhh, Oh no!"
Lisa was tossing her head from side to side, her hips were
undulating and I could see her stomach tightening and relaxing.

"Oh Gawd! I-I'm cumming again! Oh! I'm gonna...cumm...again!"
She moaned, her hips rocking hard against Julie's
probing tongue. Lisa wasn't normally mutli-orgasmic,
and her second orgasm hit her like the first, washing over
her and making her rigid, her face flushed. Julie kept up
a frantic pace, her mouth locked over the swollen and engorged

"Ahhh Jeez! I'm Cummmmminnng!" Lisa moaned,
third orgasm hitting her, making her legs pull against
her mild bonds. Lisa thrashed about, tossing her head and
bucking her hips hard. Julie relented and sat up, moving
up Lisa's body with slow, tender kisses. Her lips encircled
a nipple
and tugged gently on it for several long moments. They looked
at each other, Lisa smiling at her closest friend.
"Thank you, " she said to Julie quietly.

"Ohhh, thank you!" Julie smiled, running her
hand over Lisa's smooth
damp skin. I could see Julie's pussy shining in the
candlelight, see her swollen
lips outlined against Lisa's creamy white skin. "Your
face is all wet."
Lisa smiled at Julie.
"Yeah, " Julie replied, "With your delicious
cum! Kiss me!" They kissed, tongues probing each
other's mouths. Julie's hand squeezed a breast,
kneading it softly. I watched, no
longer stroking myself, to do so would only make me orgasm
too, and I wanted to save it
for later tonight. Julie reached up and unfastened Lisa's
arms, asking her to lay
"I want you to eat me so bad!" Julie whispered.

"I want your tongue inside me, licking my pussy! Turn
around." Lisa said quietly. Julie faced me, and Lisa's
feet, lowering her pussy over Lisa's face for her turn.

"Ohh baby!" Lisa exclaimed. "You're
dripping wet! Youre dripping on me!"
Julie laid down against Lisa's stomach, her dark tan
even darker when next to Lisa's fair skin. She closed
her eyes and moaned as Lisa's tongue licked her dripping
pussy. It only took about a minute before Julie was moaning
loudly, sitting up to grab her tits tightly in her hands.
She gasped several times, and Lisa's hands pulled
her hips down, locking them on her mouth.

"Yes! Oh Yes! Make me cum! Make me cum!" Julie
hissed. Julie was multi-orgasmic, and she came quickly,
rocking her hips against Lisa's mouth. Her body shuddered
and she groaned loudly. Lisa didn't stop either, and
Julie quickly came again.
Then again.
And again.
When Julie collapsed on her side next to Lisa, my wife sat
up and I saw her smiling at me, her face glistening wetly
with Julie's cum. She slid down and untied her feet,
and came over to me.

Lisa sat in my lap, her hand guiding my cock inside her drenched
slit, and kissed me roughly. She tasted like Julie's
pussy, and she twisted her head around to spread the creamy
wetness on my face as well as hers. I could feel her cunt squeezing
and grabbing at my cock, like my hands were doing to her tits.
I throbbed inside her as Julie watched on, flexing my cock
hard, pushing myself deep into her. Several seconds later,
she leaned back, moaning and I reached down and rubbed her
clit. She shuddered and gasped, her legs closing around
my hand. She went limp then and leaned against me.

"Jeez!" She said moments later. "I'm
so hot! I came so quick with your cock inside me."
She kissed me again, tenderly, and stood up, pulling me
to the bed with her. Julie had watched, fingering her pussy.

"I loved that, " Julie said, "Watching
you two has always been my fantasy."

"Well since it's MY birthday, " Lisa laughed,
"I ought to be able to get MY fantasy acted out too,
shouldn't I?" She moved Julie up onto her knees,
and began running her hands all over her petite, tanned
body, cupping her breasts, and kissing her back. Lisa moved
down and spread Julie's ass open, her fingers pulling
her labia wide.

"Mmmmm!" Lisa cooed, "Julie's so
wet and horny. Let me see you fuck her nice wet pussy, "
she said looking at me.
I was dumbfounded for a second.
"That's my fantasy." she said matter-of-factly,
"I want to watch you fuck her and cum inside her wet
cunt for me." Lisa said as plainly as if asking me to
pick up her dry cleaning.
I almost came on the bed from the thought of it! This wasn't
part of the plan! I was so horny I was afraid I'd cum when
Lisa had sat on my cock. Now she was commanding me to fuck
her best friend! The girl I had lusted over for over 5 years!

I moved up and positioned myself behind Julie without hesitation.
Julie looked back at me over her shoulder, her cute smile
beaming at me to tell me it was all right. Lisa had me stop,
the head of my cock against Julie's opening, her fingers
still holding her
labia wide open. Lisa gently laid Julie's labia against
the head of my cock,
rubbing them over it and making it slick.

Julie cooed, and wiggled her hips.
"I bet that feels so good!" Lisa said softly.
"Her warm, wet pussy lips on your cock!"
"Oh Jeez babe!" I replied. "I'll
cum now if you keep that up!" Lisa laughed and reached down, wrapping her hand around
my shaft. Slowly she pulled me forward, pulling me into
her best friend's nice, warm, wet pussy.
"Unnnngghhh..." I moaned.
"AAhhhhhhhh..." Julie responded.
"She's wet for you." Lisa teased. She was
obviously enjoying teasing us both as payment for her
own teasing earlier. Her hand moved me about halfway in
and she let go, then pushing my ass hard, forcing my cock
deep into Julie. We both moaned together, our hips mashing
together as our backs arched.

"Now fuck her!" Lisa commanded. "It's
ok, I want to see you fuck
her pussy like you fuck mine -- make her hot, wet, and fill
her full of your cum!" I grabbed Julie's hips and started to fuck her, building
the pace up, and feeling her back her ass against me in return.
There was no doubt that we wanted to fuck each other, and
now we were. This was way better than I could've imagined.

"Ohgawd Julie, You don't know how much I've
wanted this."
" too...I always wanted to fuck you..."
Lisa knelt beside us, alternating between spreading
Julie's ass for me to penetrate deeper, and reaching
under to either cup a swaying breast or rubbing Julie's
clit (and tickling my balls too). She commanded us to move
faster and harder against each other, her own lust rekindled
by ours.
"C'mon, pump her hard!" She hissed. "Fuck
her sopping pussy nice and hard!"

Julie was soaking wet all right, and I could feel her juices
running down her left thigh. Julie reached a hand under
Lisa, rubbing her pussy and clit. Lisa moaned and her eyes
were filled
with lust. I reached over and my fingers pinched Lisa's
right nipple, pulling on
it gently at first. Julie brought her hand to her own breast,
rubbing Lisa's cream on
her tit, and reaching back for more.
"Yes, fuck me hard! Julie hissed. "Fill me.
Cream in me!"

Julie had gone beyond lustful now, becoming completely
carnal. She was repeatedly rubbing Lisa's juice on
her tits, then her face, and even over Lisa's own tits.
Lisa was rubbing Julie's clit, bringing her fingers
up and tasting her, then to my lips for me to lick Julie's
cream. We kept
going, lost in a carnal haze, feeling our bodies becoming
one with each other. Lisa's voice filled Julie and
me with the desire to cum all night long with each other.

"I want you to cum all over her, inside her."
Lisa told me. "I want to see you cum in her cunt like
you do with me. Fill her pussy full, babe... cum so much that
it runs out and down her pussy! Pump her cunt full of your
cum. Let me lick your cream from her!" Julie suddenly
paused on my cock, just as I felt the first twinge of impending

She turned around pushing me back to stand at the foot of
the bed. Kneeling on all fours, she sucked me into her mouth
and started bobbing her head on my cock. Lisa watched and
Julie placed her hand on my shaft, stroking me.

"Ooh! I'm going to jack you off into her mouth!
Lisa hissed up to me. I'm going to make you fill her mouth
with your cum! Julie had one hand between Lisa's legs,
moving in and out of her
slit. Lisa had one hand on my cock, the other over Julie's
back fucking her with her fingers. Julie moaned and raked
her teeth against my shaft, sending me over the edge. Lisa
felt me start to swell in her hand and changed her pace to
long hard strokes. "He's gonna cum! He's

"No!" I yelped. "I wanna cum inside Julie."
"But..." she didn't continue
"Do you really want me to cum in your mouth?"
"Then get back on your knees so we can both cum."
Julie was torn...she knew she was ovulating and I was out
of condoms. That's when she made a sigh.
"Fuck it." Julie flipped back around on her
knees and I thrusted back into her pussy.

I bent down close to Julie, her back nearly against my chest.
My lips near her ears as I urged her to fuck my cock.
"You like me fucking your tight pussy don't you,
Julie..." I teased.
"Ohyessss..." she hissed, her ass grinding
into me.
"You want me to cum in you? Get you pregnant in front
of my wife?" I whispered.
"Yeahhh...Do it, babe..." she responded without
I leaned back, my legs under me as I urged Julie's young
tight hips back, and let her do the grinding as she continued
on her hands and knees. I didn't thrust or move, as Julie's
eager hips ground into mine, her sweaty legs on either side
of mine.

Lisa watched as I fucked one of her friends.
I watched Julie's ass move, trying to burn the sight
of Julie's pink wet pussy lips gripping and sliding
against my cock into my memory.

It was as if lightning hit me as i felt my muscles spasm.
I thrust into Julie's pussy, gushing a gallon of hot
cum. I could feel her pussy fill and a warmth surround my
cock. She pulled back, and Lisa kept milking my cock. Julie
pulled off and grabbed Lisa roughly, kissing her on the
mouth. They kissed, their tongues tasting each other.
I moved close and finished milking the last drops of sperm
onto their nipples as they kept kissing. The girls were
lost in their own world, and I moved behind Lisa, sliding
my still hard cock inside her.

Julie laid back, drawing Lisa with her, and I began to pump
my wife's pussy faster and faster.
Julie spread her legs wide, bringing them up around Lisa,
and Lisa closed hers, laying between Julie's. Mound
against mound, and I continued to pump my cock into Lisa.
They were still locked in a passionate kiss, and I felt that
I could cum again, albeit several minutes away. I spread
Lisa's legs, pushing her knees almost alongside Julie's
hips, opening both of them to my probing shaft.

I pulled out and slipped into Julie's still dripping
pussy, my stomach rubbing against
Lisa's ass and labia. I worked in and out of Julie for
a while, enjoying the feel of a different pussy on my cock.

Julie moaned wantonly, "unnngghh...that's
it...right there..."
I then moved back to Lisa. Back and forth several times,
until I felt the bubbling rise of sperm inside my sac. I was
inside Lisa and I moved into Julie's pussy, fucking
her hard and fast, then back inside Lisa for barely two strokes.

I didn't want to ignore my wife but I also wanted to blast
another shot into young Julie. I felt my cum rising and i
put my hands on Julie's ankles, unlocking her legs
from around Lisa and spread her legs wide. Her arms wrapped
around my wife, and while she did that, her eyes looked directly
into mine. A look of lust and want. I knew she felt what I felt,
if not more.

I banged her fast and pulled out, spewing hot sperm over
both of their pussies. Spurting my come on them they both
came, moaning and writhing, still kissing. I slid my spurting
cock into Julie and held still, letting her feel it shoot
its juice. I pulled out and slid into Lisa, repeating it,
my cock twitching and barely spurting any sperm.

They were still kissing and writhing against each other
when I sat back, watching. The three of us were covered with
sweat and cum, lost in our lusty desires. I reached down
and rubbed the sperm over their pussies, feeling the slick
wetness from our combined orgasms. They came one after
the other as I rubbed their mounds, soaking my hands. Finally
tired and drained, we cuddled after they each licked my
hands, and I kissed each pussy, tasting my own sperm mixed
with their fragrant perfumes.

Cuddling with Lisa in the middle, we fondled and kissed
each other for a while, drifting off to sleep. The next morning
Julie showered with us and left, kissing us both several
times in several places. Lisa led me back to the bedroom
where she then thanked me for the best birthday she'd
ever had.

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